Kindle Scribe – New Version To Have Stylus?

Kindle Scribe

We have always done all kinds of Kindle reviews here on our site about what products are available, but today we have a very interesting an juicy piece of gossip about the newest versions of the device that could be coming out soon. It appears that the new version, or at least one model (there may be two or more coming out), will be called the Kindle Scribe. This is because Amazon just registered this domain, likely in anticipation of a new device coming soon. So what does that mean for us as users?

First, I think that I agree with many of the folks out there making guesses – this likely means that this new Kindle Scribe device will come with a stylus!

I think that is great and a very cool idea. How awesome would it be to be able to easily scribble notes in the margin of a Kindle book just like you would a paper book? This would just bring the reading experience that much closer to the typical paper book experience.

Kindle scribeOf course, styluses are not without their downfalls. You do have to make sur eyou keep up with them. However, I think it is still a great improvement and something that I would certainly welcome.

No offical word from the company yet about what this might look like or when it might go for sale (or even if it exists). However, most expect that the newest models will come out sometime before the end of the year in order to beat the holiday season.

So, will you consider buying a Kindle Scribe? Let us know in the comments!