Illuminated Kindles And More Apr 9th

A couple of interesting Kindle news stories for this week so far, including the possibility for illuminated Kindles coming soon! Also, check out the story from socialbarrel about how ebooks are causing Americans to read more books!

Read more in today’s Kindle blog post below -

Survey Shows E-Books Make Americans Read More

Amazon Kindle Fire e-book reader. (Image: kodomut, via Flickr / CC)
Not only are e-books becoming more and more popular; apparently, they also serve as an effective encouragement for reading among adult Americans.
According to a new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, “one-fifth of American adults (21%) report that they have read an e-book in the past year”…

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Illuminated Kindle e-readers could arrive this year, also, might not

Illuminated Kindle e-readers could arrive this year, also, might not Rumors relating to a new Kindle, or three, land in our inbox with surprising frequency, but when they come from our brethren at TechCrunch, we’ll definitely give it a listen. Devin Coldewey reports how he was lucky enough to snatch a glance at an in-development Kindle, which sports an illuminated screen…

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FireDock speaker dock for Kindle Fire and More – April 3rd

Hello fellow Kindlers, here are the top pieces of Kindle news from the past few days! -

FireDock speaker dock for Kindle Fire coming soon

FireDock speaker dock for Kindle Fire coming soonGrace Digital Inc. has just announced the launch of its FireDock speaker dock for the Kindle Fire. Designed especially for the Kindle Fire, the FireDock accommodates the USB port, headphone jack and power button which are located at the bottom of the tablet. In addition to being able to charge the Android tablet when plugged into a wall socket, the FireDock features an optional lithium-ion battery-pack that lets you bring the dock with you wherever you go…

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Amazon Kindle Fire updated to version 6.3

Amazon Kindle Fire updated to version 6.3Kindle Fire owners will be excited to know that over the next few days, their tablet will be receiving an over the air (OTA) update to version 6.3. The update will introduce new features such as the ability to easily share passages and notes from their books without having to leave the book, Shelfari Book Extras that gives users easy access to supplemental material about the books they are reading, the ability to store and download personal documents from Amazon Cloud, and Print Replica Textbooks…

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Kindle Fire update: version 6.3 to your device in the next few days

Kindle Fire update: version 6.3 to your device in the next few daysAmazon is releasing a free software update to all Kindle Fire users over the next few days. The over-the-air update will upgrade the devices from version 6.2.2 to version 6.3. A downloadable upgrade file is also available on the site for the eager.Most of the updates involve enhanced reading features and extras…

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Kindle Fire Update Brings Sharing, Book Extras, Print Replica Textbooks To The Masses

Hey there, Kindle Fire owners — Amazon’s rolling out a brand new software update for you, and it packs quite a few worthwhile (and arguably overdue) tweaks for your budget-conscious tablet.
Take sharing, for example. Oddly absent from the Kindle Fire at launch was the ability to share interesting snippets of text like its e-ink brethren, but that functionality has been added, along with the ability to tap into Amazon’s people-powered Shelfari service for what the company calls Book Extras — extra related information pertaining to the book a reader is poring through…

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Kindle Fire update brings sharing, ‘print replica’ textbooks, more to tablet

Kindle Fire update brings sharing, 'print replica' textbooks, more to tablet Amazon has started pushing out an over-the-air update that’ll bring a slew of new features to its budget Kindle Fire tablet. Topping the list of upgrades is new sharing functionality that makes it possible for readers to send passages and notes from within the comfort of a book via social networks like Facebook and Twitter by highlighting and clicking “Share…

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Amazon Kindle Versus The Apple Digital Reader

apple digital reader

Are you waiting on bated breath like the rest of the planet regarding the Apple Digital Reader, (a/k/a Apple iPad – maybe?) it supposedly comes out tomorrow. Whoa!

The anticipation factor on this digital reader is HUGE, not too mention the rumors are just as big. Through all the speculation, fact is no one really knows for sure, the size – price – or specs on this, the Jesus reader. But one thing everyone seems to agree on, is that the Apple digital reader will be priced steep as is their style. And it will be sleek, as is their style.

Let’s take a look at the major differences between the Apple Digital reader and the Amazon Kindle. (from what we do know)


  • Price – $259
  • Size – 6 inch and 9 inch (DX model)
  • Ink – eInk
  • Connectivity – Wireless 3G (via AT&T)
  • Storage – 2GB
  • Input – Keyboard

Apple Digital Reader

  • Price – $1,000 + (heavily rumored to be high priced)
  • Size – 9 inch (heavily rumored to be bigger than the Kindle 2, 6 inch screen)
  • Ink – LCD (computer like screen in tablet style form)
  • Connectivity – Wireless 3G (heavily rumored to be either via Verizon or Sprint)
  • Storage – n/a (but most likely will have good storage capacity)
  • Input – Touchscreen (heavily rumored)

Yes! this is mostly speculation, but one thing we can pretty much all bet on is the MEDIA BUZZ the Apple digital reader will create, and as such get people talking about “reading” in general.


What specs have you heard or read about, that will most likely make it to the Apple iPad?