What Cities Are The Most E-Literate? – Priceonomics Tells Us


The guys over at Priceonomics did a cool research project on the Kindle, who is buying it, and where they live. They came up with some very intriguing statistics!

First, while you might think that the largest and most educated cities would have by far the most sales of the Kindle, but it isn’t. it actually sells best in smaller venues in the Midwest and in the South (it was great to see my city – Oklahoma City, make it in at #12!). It also seems that e-reader sales correlate well with bad weather, oddly enough. They mention that maybe the folks with the best weather are too busy to read! They also show that the Kindle is handily beating the Nook.

I do want to try to answer one of their questions – they find it odd that you do not see many Kindles in the secondary market odd, and they seem to assume that the fact that you do not see many Kindles being re-sold is a problem. I actually see that as a positive. Here’s why -

Kindle owners, for the most part are very brand loyal and won’t let somebody take their Kindle out of their cold, dead hands (I know that’s how I am!). In addition, you don’t see as many Kindle sales outside of Amazon because of the strong branding they have done. Given those two factors, you are not going to see many Kindles on the secondary market, at least not yet.

It is a great read, and Priceonomics is a cool site I am going to be spending some time on for sure. They are set up to help people not get scammed when buying stuff by gathering research on a host of tech and other products, which is most certainly a noble cause. You can check out their special page dedicated to the Kindle here – http://priceonomics.com/e-readers/#kindle-index.