Kindle Web Browser

kindle web browserThe Kindle web browser is very limited on all of the devices except the Kindle Fire, but is still nice to have for the avid reader who might want to get on the computer from time to time!  Kintweet, a web interface for twitter, works reasonably well.  It is based on Web Kit which is a popular mobile web browser engine. The Kindle web browser is still marked as “experimental” meaning it may gain features if Amazon decides to keep working on it.

The Kindle web browser is basically an exercise in “I can” rather than “I will ever have the patience to” for me, but if I had no other options, it’s there.  The Kindle web browser is based on Web Kit which is a popular mobile web browser engine.  The  kindle web browser  is designed and improved by Amazon to allow the readers in getting the easiness and the comfort when they are reading.

Sure the Kindle web browser leaves a lot (and I mean a lot) to be desired, but it’s nice to have it.  With the Kindle Web Browser (Home / Menu / Experimental / Launch Browser) you can access the mobile version of Evernote  – you’ll need to press the Sym button on your Kindle Keyboard to add the forward slash in th e Evernote web address.  Still,  the Amazon Kindle Web Browser is adequate for reading text websites.  It should be noted that with the Kindle web browser you can easily access sites such as  Google Reader  and connect to RSS feeds in this manner.

But with the release of Touch, I believe Kindle web browser will be one of the browser that could be used for real, not only a gimmick.  If you know of any other routes for getting onto the Kindle web browser quickly – leave me a comment please.