Kindle Site Review –

While I spend most of my time on Kindle reading the latest books and my local newspaper, I do frequent the internet service on it as well. However, sometimes it is difficult to find sites that are easily viewable on the Kindle. Ever had that problem?

Now, a newer site – – solves that problem! They are compiling a list of all the sites that are Kindle friendly! They have them broken down into different categories, such as business, tech, reference, etc. Out of curiosity, I poked around on a few of the categories, and he already has quite an extensive list. If you are just planning to take a break from reading to check the news or poke around on the web, you will find plenty of choices here.

I spoke with Peter, the owner of the site, and he is quite committed to growing his site as an overall reference for folks who own a Kindle. If you know of sites that are Kindle-friendly, you can add to the list of sites that he is putting together by submitting sites to him to be added.

He also plans to use this site to help raise money for a cause he is very passionate about – eduction. He is from Romania, and he wants Romanian students to have access to Kindles in order to be able to read more English books and publications. You can help him by donating at the page. I am not sure how much he has raised so far, but I know he was trying to raise enough to at least buy Kindles for his own class!

So, if you have the time or are playing around online on your Kindle, check out AnySubjects!

E-Books Changing the Game for Authors

It is clear upon a Kindle review that the device has altered the reading experience for the reader, but little has been published about the effect the shift has had on writing! The Kindle catalogs are filled with the exploits of writers from world over and the change in the way we read has had a dramatic effect on the way writers write. The new writing environment offers budding writers great new opportunities, while also introducing a series of pitfalls which were previously unimagined.

Changing of the writer’s persona

The image of a book signing, intoxicated by the adoration of hundreds of fans is one that most writers strive towards. The emergence of the e-book means that the writer will no longer be able to benefit from this ego boosting perk. This does not make much of a difference to the average writer because most book signings have about 30 people at most and the crowd is generally comprised of family members and close friends.

A simpler aspiration, however, is for the author to see his or her work on a bookshelf. The pride associated with knowing that you can request your book at the front desk has been lost to the faceless electronic age. The value of publishing has been undermined and authors will have to look elsewhere to overcome their overbearing insecurity.

Publication is easy

The electronic age has had one benefit: publishing has become easy. This does not, however, mean that you should immediately rush out and upload an electronic version of the novel that you have been working on for 10 years. If you approach the matter with this youthful exuberance then your masterpiece will simply disappear under a pile of electronic drivel published daily on Amazon. You need to employ a shrewd marketing strategy if you actually want to sell copies of your book. Commissioning the services of a professional editor would be a good start in ensuring that your book isn’t an error-laden reading headache.

Fewer overheads

Publication has become cheaper, because many of the middlemen leading to the release of a book have been eliminated. Self-publication is quickly becoming the chosen method for many authors. Stephen King, among other best-selling authors, has already released a novel exclusively in Kindle format. This is a trend that will become ever more common as Kindle continues to rise as the primary reading tool in the modern age.

Publishers also have to adapt in order to continue existing in the electronic age. Every new Kindle threatens the ability of giant publishing houses to hold clients and continue making money. It would not be far-fetched to see some authors using the reputation of a publishing house simply as a jump start to the newly established independence synonymous with e-publishing. Kindle has changed the end product and every step that leads to this has consequently been altered in some way.

Kindle Review On Facebook

Kindle Review on Facebook

Facebook has become so much more than a friendship network and this is evident in fan pages dedicated to products like Amazon’s Kindle. Establishing a network with people who own a common product has a wide range of perks and Kindle aficionados might want to think about taking advantage of these.

Who is on the page?

The fan page is populated by people who are interested in Kindle and use it to share their concerns and information with like-minded people.

How regular is fan activity?

The Kindle page has a daily stream of new posts from a broad array of people, ranging from those who have troubleshooting problems to those who are trying to advertise their books. Many people are hesitant to join fan pages because they often lead to dead-ends, but this is not the case on the Kindle page. The steady flow of new posts ensures that you stay up to date with new info regarding the handheld reader.

Follow the rules

The fan page has some rules and administrators are quite strict when it comes to enforcing these. The largest group of offenders is authors desperate to promote their e-books. There are very specific limits when it comes to promotional posting on the site. If you join the site, you should be wary of transgressing these rules to avoid being blocked. There are few things as annoying as promotional messages covering up helpful posts by people who actually want to interact.

Be on the lookout for giveaways

Every so often a member of the group will host a competition and giveaway a Kindle product. This is normally done to promote an e-book, but the prizes are real and many people have walked away with brand new Kindles.

Helping you find the right Kindle

The fan page features a host of reviews and articles aimed at assisting prospective Kindle owners to choose the product which is best suited to their needs. The comprehensive list of links to Kindle related topics is also very helpful if you have headaches choosing the product most compatible to you.

Helping current Kindle owners

The articles are not only limited to reviews and there are also various pieces which give advice to current Kindle owners. If the articles fail to provide answers to your pressing concerns then you can just post a question onto the wall and wait for a response. The community will undoubtedly respond to you within a few days at most.

Kindle App Review – Bravais Book Browser for Chrome

Kindle Book Browser Review

If you are a Kindle owner and a Chrome user, head’s up! There is a new Chrome app for searching for Kindle books that will make you search easier and more enjoyable.

It is called the Bravais Book Browser (or the Kindle Book Browser), and it makes finding a book much simpler, in my estimation, than the Amazon site itself. Here are a few reasons why I like it –

• It has a clean interface
• It has a Similar Books function (Amazon does, too, but this one is easier)
• It is easier to navigate
• It goes straight to Amazon when you are ready to buy
• The search function seems to work quite well for title, author, and genre.

Overall, it just makes looking through books to buy a little more fun and interesting.

Things I don’t like/would like to see –

• At least for me, the interface gets a little bit messed up when the pictures for different books don’t fit in the designed box, so it gets a bit out of alignment. I am sure they will get that fixed soon enough.
• I would like to be able to see the title of the books without hovering over them. Maybe the author as well. This would just help me to know what books I want to check out without hovering over each one.
• The database of books does not seem to be comprehensive, yet. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think all the books are in there.

I recently spoke with the developer, and I know he is working hard at continually improving the app, so I bet it will just get better and better. It is not a total replacement for the Amazon site, but it is a nice bit of a change and definitely worth trying out! If you want to try it out, you do so here –

Which Kindle Should I Buy?

Kindle Review

Deciding to purchase a Kindle is certainly a step in the right direction, but then you have the problem choosing one which best suits your needs. There are a range of different models, with varying features, spread across a wide price range. To make a good decision, you need to be informed with regard to the distinctions between the different models. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the Kindle products currently on sale.

Kindle DX

The Kindle DX was an attempt to build upon the success of its predecessors by tweaking the system and eradicating any small glitches which encumbered previous users. The DX has a larger screen, resulting in a more book-like feel for the reader. The device has a thinner design, making it more portable and travel friendly. It sells for $379 and it is the best Kindle on the market. The price could be a deterrent, but the added features when combined with the sleek graphite finish ensure that it is money well spent.

Kindle 3

This product, colloquially known as the Kindle 3, serves as an affordable replacement to the Kindle 2. The Kindle 3 Wi-Fi connects to the internet exclusively through public or private Wi-Fi connections. This limitation means that it sells for the very reasonable amount of $139. For those who prefer the option of connecting through 3G, there is also a slightly more expensive version with this feature. The alternative device sells at $189 and has become Kindle’s most popular seller.

Refurbished Kindles

Amazon offers a variety of refurbished products at a significantly reduced price. This could serve as a very viable option for those who want to save a bit of money, but there are obvious risks involved whenever defective or second-hand products are purchased.