Kindle Fire – The Tablet for Families and Kids

One of the best things Amazon did with the Kindle Fire is consider the family. Family is the cornerstone of most of our daily lives. We want our homes, activities, electronics, restaurants and more to be family friendly, because spending time with family is what really matters.


The geniuses behind Amazon, and the Kindle Fire, recognized how important family is, and created a phenomenally well-rounded tablet and Ereader combination just to meet the needs of families everywhere. Not only can Mom and Dad stream the content, read the books, and play the games they want, but now they can keep Junior safe while he/she uses the device as well.


Kindle FreeTime allows parents to set screen time limits that give kids time for games, apps, and books. If Junior should be spending 45 minutes reading, but only 15 minutes on games or apps, all Mom or Dad has to do is set up his or her profile, and define these time limits. This makes it much easier to monitor how the kids are using the Kindle Fire. Plus, parents can set up profiles for up to 6 kids, so each child can have his or her own profile.


Time limits are not the only thing parents want to monitor. The Internet opens the door for kids to access content that may be questionable, and parents are forever trying to find ways to protect their kids while they are learning what is right and wrong. Kindle FreeTime allows parents to set restrictions for content, so they can protect their kids from those questionable sites we all want our kids avoiding.


In my opinion, the Amazon Kindle Fire should be the top choice for families looking for a tablet. The amount of content available is fantastic, and the control that parents have is just right. By keeping families in mind, the makers of the Kindle Fire have created a family friendly tablet and eReader combination that is at the top of my list this holiday season.