The Kindle 3: Is It Really That Much Better?

kindle 3Many of you have the older Kindle models and have not upgraded to the Kindle 3 yet. If you have wondered if it is really worth upgrading, let me give you a quick Kindle 3 review and break down for you the differences so you can make an informed decision!

Better Pricing

Of course, the Kindle has gone down significantly since the Kindle 2 and the first version. At the time of this writing, you can get the Kindle 3 is $139 and the ad supported version is $114. Not too bad for an upgrade!

Better Fonts

The Kindle 3 adds a couple of new fonts that are darker, making it a bit easier to read.


Did you know that the Kindle 3 is actually about 80% the size of the Kindle 2? The screen is still the same size, however.

Better Battery Life

The Kindle 3 has a better battery life, with about 60 days on the charge when not using the wifi.

Even Less Glare

The older Kindle versions have virtually no glare, but the Kindle 3 has even less glare now. This makes it even easier to read outdoors and even better than the other ebook readers that exist out there.


With the wifi on the Kindle 3, getting a book downloaded takes only about a minute, if not less.

Page Speed

The lag on page turns (which was not that much to start with) has gotten even shorter, by about 20%, so you can turn the pages just that much faster! I never had that much trouble with it, however.

Doubled Storage

The storage space on the Kindle 3 is twice the size of the Kindle 2, which is great with all the new apps and such out there. Although, I have never come close to hitting the limits of my storage on the older models!

As you can see, there are several features that might tempt you to upgrade! Check out more features over at Amazon by clicking here

Kindle 3 Beats iPad

According to, the Kindle 3 beats out the iPad as the best e-reader on the market. Of course, us Kindle owners already knew that! But why do they say that?

1. The slimmer design – the lightweight feel of the Kindle 3 makes it so easy to carry around and is easier to hold up for longer compared to other e-readers.

2. The better contrast – The contrast on the Kindle 3 crushes anything else out there, and is 50% better than the Kindle 2.

3. The number of books – 63,000,000 books. Enough said!

4. The battery life – One month. An entire month of battery life! Unbelievable! Try to get your iPad to last a day!

No doubt, for reading, the Kindle 3 is best, hands down.

Check out the New Kindle 3!

kindle 3

The Kindle 3 is here, and for only $139, it’s a steal! With its lightning fast download time, high definition surround-sound (how cool is that!), and several other new features, the unit takes reading to a whole new level of experience.

This newly remodeled reader is thinner, lighter, faster, and makes reading easier than with any previous Kindle model.   Weighing in at only 8.5 ounces, the sleekly designed electronic reader is lighter than a paperback book.   It is only 1/3” thick and feels great in the hand.  This new model is the thinnest Kindle yet.

Kindle 3 uses the latest electronic ink technology to create crisp, clear text that has a 50% greater contrast than before.  The screen isn’t backlit, so reading is comfortable, even in bright sunlight.  The addition of this feature means that Kindle users can read for hours with no eyestrain.

In the new model, pages can easily be turned with either hand, a great new feature for any of you who get tired of pushing that “next page” button. Also, this model displays text in eight different font sizes.

This Kindle also has the longest battery life yet.  Users can read up to a month without recharging.  This makes the new Kindle the perfect companion at home or on the road.  With built in WiFi, users can purchase the latest books, magazines, and blogs practically anywhere.

Storage capacity is remarkable on the new Kindle. The unit can store up to 3500 books and documents with no problem.

If you are looking to upgrade, Amazon makes it easy to switch from one Kindle to the next. Click here to go to Amazon and check it out now!