Wanted: A Camera for Kindle Fire Feb 14th

Not much on the Kindle news homefront today, other than the story below! Folks are missing one important component with the Kindle Fire that they would like to see – a camera.
I must say, I completely agree. It’s great without it, but it would be so much better with it! I don’t use cameras that much, even on my phone, but when I do, it is sure nice to have it, and I have grabbed some shots of things along the way that I would never have gotten pics of without it being so quick and easy to shoot on my phone or tablet.
In fact, I would be willing to bet that there will be a camera on the new 9 inch tablet coming out soon! We wrote about that new Kindle recently, but we will be expanding on that soon as we get a little more data.

Wanted: A Camera for Kindle Fire
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Wanted: A Camera for Kindle FireA camera isn’t big on tablet-users’ wishlists, but it could enhance the Kindle Fire as an essential shopping tool (especially when browsing Amazon).

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