The route to a Kindle owner’s heart goes through the wallet Feb 3rd

The route to a Kindle owner's heart goes through the wallet

A customer satisfaction survey of Kindle Fire owners shows that while the vast majority are satisfied with their purchase, it is mainly the low price fueling their happiness. ChangeWave Research asked a sample of new Kindle Fire owners how they were enjoying their device so far; slightly more than half reported being “very satisfied,” and 59 percent said the $199 price of the Kindle Fire was what they liked best about it…

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Kindle Outsold Everything Else On Amazon Christmas 2009

This Christmas on Amazon nothing sold more or better than the Kindle. The revolutionary wireless reading device outsold everything else, including the infamous iPod and iPhone.

That is no small feat, considering that the Amazon Kindle goes for two hundred and fifty dollars. Will 2010 be the year of the digital reader? I absolutely believe so, as when the much rumored and much anticipated Apple tablet debuts, it will bring worldwide attention to digital readers.  Even more so than the Kindle has already done. In 2010 expect to hear, see and read ALOT more on digital readers.

So it is not surprising to hear that Amazon sold its most Kindles ever this holiday season. And it will only continue.

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How To Replace The Battery On A Kindle 2

Whether you received the Amazon Kindle 2 as a gift this year or treated yourself to the wireless digital reader, at some point in the future you will want or need to replace the battery.

But how?

Great question and that is what we are here for. We will start by letting you know that on the Kindle 2 the battery is not replaceable (or more aptly put) it can’t be removed. For some unknown reason (some speculate to make it lighter) Amazon decided to keep the Kindle battery a thing of mystery.

However all is not lost, as you can depending on your circumstance, ask for a replacement KINDLE. The device itself.

As one would imagine, there are stipulations and they are as follows. You can request a replacement Kindle if:

  • the device is still under warranty
  • the device is not operable

So not entirely an easy replacement, but if you meet the requirements above you just might score a brand new Kindle. Be sure to check your warranty and give Amazon a call or send off an email support query.


You can bypass Amazon altogether and purchase a third-party battery made for the Kindle 2, such as the one sold on Amazon from However this can null and void your warranty and if anything should happen to your beloved Kindle while you’re trying to DIY, you could be SOL.

Your call.