Keep Your Fire Safe With KlearKase

klearkase kindle fireIn the past, we have reviewed some cool KlearKase cases and covers in our waterproof Kindle cover post, which you can find here. Now, the company has taken their Kindle protection to the next level with a Kindle Fire case as well!

I am a fan of the Klearkase products because they are hardcore. Seriously. They are literally constructed out of some of the same stuff they use in F-22 planes, meaning they should definitely be able to handle you dropping your Fire on the kitchen counter!

The other thing I like about them is that they are, as their name aptly suggests, clear. You may not even notice that it is there unless you look closer. There is no real advantage there that I know of; it is just kind of cool!

Finally, it is waterproof. I know some folks who use their Kindles at the beach, at the pool, and even in the bathtub. However, even if you don’t do that, you may still need to keep from spilling that cup of coffee or water on it while you are reading!

Interested? You can check it out on Amazon (along with all the reviews) here!

Pink Kindle Covers and Accessories (For The Ladies)

Slow buds the pink dawn like a rose from out night’s gray and cloudy sheath; softly and still it grows and grows, petal by petal, leaf by leaf. (Susan Coolidge)

What female doesn’t love the color pink? It’s a great hue that brightens up any item, not too mention looks great on cold electronics. We scoured the net mainly eBay, looking for great pink Kindle covers and accessories. Hope you like our top picks.

1. Pink Kindle Case, Hardshell

This is a brand new pink Kindle hardshell case, great for on-the-go use. It’s made from rugged EVA and nylon, with a soft interior lining. (via eBay)

pink kindle case hardshell

2. Pink Kindle DX Snap On Case

This is a pink Kindle DX snap on case to protect and keep your sweet digital reader scratch-free. It snaps on front and back with ease, and comes with a neat retractable and removable stand. (via eBay)

pink kindle dx snap on case with stand

3. Pink Kindle ToteBag from XcessRize

This is a pink Kindle totebag from eBay seller XcessRize. It features big pink carnations throughout the bag and comes with an adjustable strap and outer pockets for additional accessories. (via eBay)

pink kindle totebag

4. Pink Kindle “Hello Kitty” Sleeve

Great for girls, this pink Kindle Hello Kitty sleeve is sized just right for the Kindle DX. It features water resistant coating and double padding. (via eBay)

pink kindle hello kitty sleeve case

5. Pink Built NY Sleeve for Kindle 2

You can’t go wrong with Built NY, their cases and sleeves are bold and colorful with fantastic designs. Take a look at Nolita Stripe, a pink Kindle 2 sleeve. Built NY specializes in cases that are durable and strong, but fashionable. (via Amazon)

pink kindle sleeve from built ny

Let us know what other cool pink colored Kindle covers and accessories you like, below in the comment area.