Diane Von Furstenberg Kindle Covers Are Stunning

Looking for a devilishly stunning Kindle cover for your Amazon ebook reader, then have a look at the newly released Diane Von Furstenberg Kindle covers.

diane von furstenberg kindle cover

These are luxurious without the guilt, as three of the models are made with canvas and a soft but durable twill interior. Nice! Who needs leather? Not I. The covers are made specifically for the Kindle 2 and with Furstenberg’s touch, will surely add a splash of glamor to your digital reader.

With a pink twill interior and a signature shiny gold DVF toggle, this Diane Von Furstenberg Kindle cover is perfect for the ladies!

Site description:

  • Designed by Diane von Furstenberg exclusively for 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle
  • Cotton canvas spotted cat denim blue print cover
  • Twill blend interior with business card holders
  • Kindle-compatible hinge holds device in place

via Amazon

Kindle Decal Stickers For Women, Part I

Just like you dressed up your iPhone or Blackberry, you want to dress up your shiny new Kindle. Right? One way to do this is via sassy Kindle Decal Stickers.

You can find quite the variety online at Amazon. Below are a few I found which I think you will like. Enjoy!

(for the Kindle 2)

Pink Tranquility Kindle Decal

pink kindle decal

Lily Kindle Decal Skin

lily kindle decal

Olga Kindle Decal Sticker

olga kindle decal sticker

Blue Kindle 2 Decal

blue kindle decal

My Heart Kindle Decal Skin

my heart kindle decal skin

This last one would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day Kindle gift. And again, all are available online via Amazon. (aff links) Each Kindle decal comes with easy instructions on how to apply and if you buy two, you get free shipping. Keep this in mind.

If you don’t particularly fancy the white minimalistic look of your Kindle 2, then give these skins a try.

Which one of the five is your fave? Chime in below.