Amazon Android Tablet Coming Soon?

While this is a Kindle review site, I could not help but take a few minutes away from our usual Kindle review agenda to talk about what is coming around the bend at Amazon, something that they may be considering selling as an alternative to the Kindle – an Amazon Android Tablet. It is almost certainly coming, and some have even suggested that might be a complete replacement! I certainly hope not, nor do I think that is the case.

The rumor going around is that an Amazon Android Tablet will be coming out sometime around the holidays in 2011. Amazon has not come out and said it outright, but they have not denied it, either. When asked about it, Amazon’s CEO said, and I quote, “Stay tuned.” That is pretty much an acknowledgement that it is on the way in the near future.

It makes sense when you think about it. First, Amazon moved into selling cell phones and cell phone service through Amazon Wireless, so they have the capacity to offer the wireless service for these devices. Second, the Amazon app sotre recently came out that offered a little more of a hint that they are big fans of the Android operating system. An Amaon Android Tablet is certainly likely on the way.

But what does this mean for the Kindle? There are rumors that this new tablet will have a way to switch the screen to some kind of black and white mode that is easier on the eyes than a regular tablet. However, I just don’t see this as beinga  replacement for the Kindle. Why?

1. The Kindle is doing too well on its own. Why would Amazon want to change that?
2. There is no way that an LED screen, no matter what mode it is in, will ever be able to compete with the readability and easy-on-the-eyes-edness (yes, I just made up a word. That’s how much I love the Kindle screen!) of the e-ink screen of the Kindle. Since this is a huge selling point, Amazon will not want to give that up.
3. Amazon already sells Android tablets, and they do not seem to hurt Kindle sales, so adding their own tablet to the market alongside the Kindle makes more sense than umping the Kindle altogether.

So, Kindle owners, don’t fret – I still think the Kindle will still be around and will thrive for a long time to come!

Kindle App For Android Update – Cool Stuff!

kindle for androidYesterday, Amazon released a brand new version of its Kindle for Android app with some very cool new features!

If you are like me, sometimes you might not have your Kindle with you when an unexpected opportunity to read comes along – in traffic, at work on a break, etc. This is when I love having a Kindle app on my phone.

As an Android user as well, I am happy to see Amazon taking their Android app seriously! Here are some of the cool new features -

  • Voice Search
  • In-text Search
  • Ability to add notes
  • Ability to sync notes between devices
  • Text highlighting to bring up results from wikipedia and
  • Content from Shelfari – Amazon’s book related social network
  • Screen lock to avoid unwanted screen rotation

These features make the new Kindle for Android app a fully functional Kindle app, with many of the features found on the iPad/iPhone Kindle app. It still doesn’t replace my Kindle, but it is nice to have when my Kindle isn’t with me! Android owners rejoice!