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Kindle Keyboard

kindle keyboard

Kindle Keyboard – The Kindle You Are Accustomed To (Mostly)!

The Kindle Keyboard is basically the same as the previous Kindle models. If you like the Kindle just how it was before, this is the one for you! There is also the Kindle Keyboard 3G, that you might want to check out if you want to have coverage when you are not in a wifi zone.

It does have a few improvements, however! For one, it now includes Amazon cloud storage if you need it, meaning you can pretty much store as much as you want on it and download anything via the cloud server. You will need wifi for this on the non-3g model. Also, the e-ink screen is somewhat improved.

Here are a few of the specs for this model -

  • 2 month battery life
  • e-ink screen
  • 6 inch display
  • 4 gig memory
  • up to 3500 books stored (unlimitied on cloud storage)
  • wifi connection (there is also the 3g version)
  • connection for audiobooks
  • keyboard for navigation and commands

I like the new cloud storage idea along with another new system – library lending. Amazon is working a deal with local libraries to lend books via the Kindle as well.

Also, as with all the Kindle units, everything you buy is archived on Amazon, so you can re-download it if it disappears for some reason!

The main difference between the Kindle Keyboard and the newer Kindle Touch is just that – the keyboard vs the touch screen. Personally, I like having a touch screen, but I have heard from many folks that they will miss the keyboard, and fortunately for them, it is not going away any time soon on this unit!

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  • kindle 4 owner

    2 month battery life? That’ll be with no books on it and never using it?

    My record is 40 days, that’s not even a month and a half. And I’ve never come close to it since, average charge (of around 3-6 hrs) will last you roughly 20-25 days if you have about 1-2 hours of daily reading. That’s in sleep mode, turning it off will vary battery life.

    Ambient room temp will effect the life (too cold will sap it right away, too hot doesn’t seem to overly matter).

    The advertised “4 Gig memory” is a complete lie. 1 gig is reserved for O/S and other stuff Amazon hides on the Kindle. 3 gig is yours to do with as you please.


    Load no more than 800 books (MAX!) if you want to avoid battery loss from indexing.
    Anything over 850 or so will empty your battery in less than 2 days.

    Don’t use wifi, don’t use 3g. Those WILL sap your battery.

    The keyboard on the K3 is terrible.
    The K2 had a better keyboard, easier to press keys & numeric keys.
    It als had a removable back so you could change your battery when it died.