Kindle Gift Cards

Kindle Gift Cards

Kindle gift cards are a great purchase for the avid reader. I love getting them myself!

When I get one, I feel like I “have permission” to spend money on myself. Seriously. If you gave me cash, I might feel like I need to go pay a bill. If you give me a Kindle gift card, I have no choice but to go spend it on something I want to read!

Want to get one for a friend or family member? Just follow there instructions -

1. Click Here to go to the Amazon Gift Card Page

2. Pick what kind gift card you want.

Amazon has some cool ways to deliver a gift card. You can e-mail them, have them mailed, print one out, or even post it on their Facebook wall!

3. Let them enjoy!

That’s all it takes! Here is the link again if you need it – Amazon/Kindle Gift Cards