Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire Review

I absolutely love tablets, so I am awfully excited about the new Kindle Fire! Here is a quick Kindle Fire review, with its general specs, what I like, what I DON’T like, and why I am going to get one anyway!

If you want to skip my Kindle Fire review and see everything that Amazon has to say about the device, click here to check it out!


Let’s start with some of the specs -

  • 7 inch display
  • 14.6 ounces (just under a pound! very lightweight!)
  • Wi-Fi only
  • Touch interface
  • 8 gig storage
  • Cloud-accelerated browser – Amazon Silk (this is interesting. More on this below)
  • Free cloud storage
  • Full email client
  • micro-USB cable (seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many devices don’t have this)
  • Adobe Flash support (unlike the iPad!)
  • Access to the Amazon App store
  • Access to the Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Video on Demand
  • Full Color Magazines
  • And, of course, access to millions of books through the Kindle store!

What I Really Like

I love the fact the the Kindle Fire is full color and a touchscreen. I know some of you have told me that you like having the full keyboard, and fortunately you still have that option on the Kindle Keyboard model, but I will enjoy having the touchscreen myself!

Even more than the touch screen, I am looking forward to the full color, especially on magazines. I have hesitated to get magazine subscriptions on my Kindle mostly because it is isn’t in color, and this will certainly solve that problem!

I am looking forward to having the full browser, email client, apps, etc. as well! The current Kindle does have a web browser, but it is not fully functioning, so it is hard to do much browsing with it, although you can do a little.

To me, the Fire is going to be able to function as two devices – the tablet and the e-reader. I currently have a Kindle DX and an Android Tablet, and I am thinking that I will replace them both with the Kindle Fire.

What I Don’t Like

As this is a Kindle Fire review, I must also tell you what I don’t like. I know some will disagree with me here, and I am a bit torn about it myself, but I am really going to miss the e-ink screen. As I mentioned above, I am looking forward to the magazines and other items in color, I love the fact that the current e-reader does not have any glare and does not strain my eyes.

The e-ink screen is still available in all the other models; however, so you can still go for that if you want!

I also wish that it had 3G. I enjoy being able to take my Android tablet wherever I want and not worrying about if I can get WiFi. However, most of the places I actually use my tablet do have WiFi, so I guess that is not too big of an issue. As with the e-ink screen, you can still get a 3G model in all the other Kindle devices that are available.

Amazon Silk – Cloud Accelerated Browser

Amazon Silk could change the way we browse the web in the future. It is known as a cloud accelerated browser – essentially meaning that it uses the power of Amazon’s Cloud setup in order to load webpages much faster than any other device. You will be amazed at how fast websites are going to load on this thing. There are a lot of other technical details about how it works, but really it is just super fast! All the details on how it works can be found here.

I will be interested to see if Amazon Silk comes to our computers very soon. If it works so fast on a tablet, why not use it on our computers as well!

Conclusion – Why I Am Getting One

So, I will miss the 3G and the e-ink screen, but at the end of the day, I am getting one of these Kindle Fire tablets! All of the great new features make up for the loss of the couple of things that I will miss. I can’t wait to get my hands on one soon!

Thanks for reading our Kindle Fire review. Want to know more – check it out here!

  • Weldergirl23

    what is the dot on the left hand corner on top?

  • Graham Mathews

    I was hoping to get a comparison of the e-reader screen with the Fire HD as fasr as reading typeface..
    Nowhere and no one wishes to mention this detail however..

  • ctx81

    Hey Graham, good thought and I need to add to this post now that we have some more details. E-ink screens are most certainly easier on the eyes than the HD screen. Of course, however, you sacrifice backlighting with e-ink on say, a Kindle Paperwhite, or one of the like models. If your main concern is the absolute best screen for reading, go with one of these –

  • yburgess77

    My daughter has had her Kindle Fire since July and the port to plug in the charger is already worn out.  I have been very disappointed in the estimates I have recieved to have repairs made. Any one have suggestions? I have to move fast because she is lost without the things

  • Cg8595

    I like my Kindle HD Fire but it is so darn jumpy! It has even sent a friend request to someone who I didn’t want one sent to on FB! The screen jumps all over the place like it’s spastic. It’s fine for reading books though.

  • Geoff Crowe

    I am just curious what first grade teacher got assigned as the dictionary for the Kindle Fire. First, not one single swear word is in the dictionary and we are talking as simple as shit or ass. Nothing that is considered at all out of the normal or questionable by a first grade teacher, it’s pathetic.

  • unhappy camper

    Looks like port problem can only be solved by buying another device. So disappointed. This is planned obsolescence and poor customer service. Done with amazon.