Cool Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Kindle Fire 8.9 From Belkin

The Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” helps users protect their Kindle Fire, and makes typing easier too. If you need to increase the functionality of your Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, or if you send a lot of emails or create many documents, typing can be made easier with a keyboard case. While touchscreen typing works, and is somewhat efficient, I still find a keyboard to the best and easiest way to compose an email or create a document.

Keeping your Kindle Fire HD 8.9” is probably one of your biggest priorities – it is mine, especially with 4 lively boys and a baby girl on the way. So, selecting a case that incorporates both the safety I need, and the keyboard that makes it easier to send an email is a great option for me. Plus, this Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a certified “Made for Kindle” accessory. The keyboard functions allow users to easily copy and paste, adjust the volume and also control the music they are listening to.

This case allows users to tuck away the keyboard when it’s not in use. This keeps it from being a target for spills and messes when it doesn’t need to be. Plus, with the adjustable stand, users can find the viewing angle that best suits where they are sitting and how they prefer to view their screen. With magnetic tab closures, the cover can be securely closed when the Kindle Fire is not in use, and can be folded back out of the way when the device is being used.

This multi-feature keyboard and case combination is great option for busy users. The bluetooth connectivity of the keyboard means you can set it in your lap while propping your Kindle Fire up on the table or couch (or other surface) beside you. This is a great accessory to have with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” because it is functional and protective, two features that are unbeatable, especially when paired together.

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Kindle Paperwhite – What We Know So Far

On September 6, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage in Los Angeles to announce two new Kindle products: the Kindle Fire HD and a new product called the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite is designed to be an upgraded and expanded version of the basic Kindle e-reader. It features a slim, sleek interface and, according to early reports, it’s surprisingly lightweight. It also features a strong battery life and a responsive touch interface. In short, the Kindle Paperwhite appears to have improved on all of the complaints the original Kindle e-reader faced when it was first released.

The Paperwhite improves the e-reading experience in a number of powerful ways. Here are a few advantages that users can expect from their new Paperwhite, set to be released later this fall.

Better reading display than the Kindle Fire or the iPad

There is one major difference between e-reader tablets and conventional tablet computers: the display. Today, most e-readers use display technology like “e-ink” to display words and pictures on the screen. Although e-ink is only available in black-and-white, the display tends to resemble a normal book. And, since the display isn’t backlit, e-readers tend to be easier to read. Since the Kindle Fire and Apple iPad are both backlit, they’re not ideal for reading. The Kindle Paperwhite, on the other hand, is designed to make reading as easy as possible with its crisp and clear e-ink display.

kindle paperwhiteTop-down light

You can’t read e-readers in the dark without a light source, and Amazon has solved this problem by including a top-down light on every Kindle Paperwhite. Instead of having to turn on a light source or sit near a lamp, the Kindle Paperwhite includes a light wherever you go. The light easily illuminates the entire display and it is specifically designed to limit glare, which ultimately makes the reading experience as easy as possible.

Better contrast

When reading information in black and white, contrast is important. Contrast measures the distinction between black and white colors on any display. Amazon made contrast a key goal with the Kindle Paperwhite, and it promises to have a 25% better contrast ratio than the basic Kindle Fire. As Jeff Bezos said in his announcement speech, “the whites are whiter, and the blacks are blacker.”

8 weeks (!) of battery life

Jeff Bezos claims that the Kindle Paperwhite will last for an astonishing 8 weeks – even if users leave the backlight on to read. As with any early reports about battery power, it’s difficult to verify these claims as of yet, but if the 8 weeks promise is true, then the Paperwhite will be one of the longest lasting e-readers on the market today.

3G model available

In addition to the $119 Wi-Fi model of the Paperwhite, Amazon also offers a $179 3G model. This means users will be able to download books even when they’re outside of Wi-Fi coverage – provided they have subscribed to a 3G data plan.

Kindle Paperwhite release date

The Kindle Paperwhite seeks to improve on all of the criticisms past e-readers have faced. If you want an e-reader with sharper contrast, a better display, and a top-down light, then the Kindle Paperwhite will start shipping on November 1, 2012.

Kindle Fire HD Review

Kindle Fire HD Review – Everything You Need to Know

Well, Amazon has finally announced its new lineup of Kindles! On September 6, 2012, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage in Los Angeles to announce the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite. While the Kindle Paperwhite is slim, sleek, and inexpensive, the Kindle Fire HD takes the brand in the opposite direction by offering a high-definition display and powerful hardware. Check out our full Kindle Fire HD review below -

Here are some of the key features that we know about the Kindle Fire HD so far:

1920×1200 HD display on the 8.9-inch model

Most HD displays come at a resolution of 1920×1080. This is called 1080p, and it’s the resolution that most HDTVs and HD computer monitors run. The Kindle Fire HD, however, seeks to take HD resolutions to a new level with a 1920×1200 resolution display. Early reports say the screen is much improved over the Nexus 7 – which is (so far) the Kindle’s biggest competitor in the lower-end tablet market, at least until the iPad Mini is announced. Any Kindle Fire HD review out there should focus on the screen, as that is going to be a huge sell for Amazon.

1280×800 HD display on the 7-inch model

kindle fire hd review

For consumers who are looking for a great screen at an even better price, the smaller version of the Kindle Fire HD will be a good solution. Priced at just $199, it costs less than half the price of the newest $499 iPad. The 1280×800 resolution

display ensures that users won’t see any pixels during use, and TV shows and movies still look crisp.

Faster Wi-Fi speeds

Another innovative feature in the Kindle Fire HD is its fast wireless data processing. The Kindle Fire HD promises to be the first tablet with dual-band, 2.4GHz and 5GHz MIMO technology. Amazon promises that this could lead to 41% faster Wi-Fi than competitors like the iPad. Faster internet is never a bad thing. (All Kindle Fire HD reviews should focus on this as well. Faster tablet web speeds are going to become more and more important.)

X-ray prov

ides insight into movies and TV shows

How many times have you been watching a movie or a TV show only to wonder, “where have I seen that actor before?” Amazon has made this question easy to answer by including a suite of features called ‘X-ray’. With a single tap on the screen, Kindle users can view important information about the TV shows they’re watching. Information about the actors, scenes, and IMDB data will instantly come up on screen. X-ray was already a useful feature on the Kindle Touch for books, and now it’s coming to the Kindle Fire for TV shows and movies.

11-hour battery life

For a tablet with an HD screen, the Kindle Fire HD appears to have a surprisingly strong battery life. Amazon promises an 11-hour battery life, but it’s difficult to say if the Kindle Fire HD will live up to that promise.

Front-facing camera

Kindle Fire users who have been waiting for a good front-facing camera finally have their wish. The Kindle Fire HD features a front-facing camera that will integrate with apps on the device, making it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

Kindle Fire HD release date

The 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD will start shipping on September 14, while the larger version won’t be available until November 20.

The Verdict

All in all, it looks like the latest product line from Amazon is going to be a great improvement over the current versions. My personal favorite addition to the Kindle Fire family is the 4G version, which would allow me the freedom of not having to worry about wifi. In addition, finally having a front facing camera will be nice.

We will continue to expand our Kindle Fire HD review on this page as the new models come out and as we get our hands on them!

Your Kindle is showing! Cover up with a Marware Kindle Cover!

What’s the one essential accessory to saddle with your new Kindle. Well, aside from an extensive and interesting electronic library, every Kindle needs a sleek and affordable cover. So let’s take a look today at one from Marware.

marware atlas kindle coverThe Marware Atlas Kindle cover (Click here for more info) appears to have the market cornered when it comes to customer satisfaction, which bridges excellent pricing and quality. The Marware Atlas Kindle cover comes in four colors, from an exotic hot pink to a staid and professional gray, black or charcoal tone. This particular cover is certified and designed for the Kindle, features an interior hand-strap for easy holding while reading and a durable exterior with a suede center.

The Marware Kindle cover, which also fits the Kindle Touch, is affordably priced at around twenty dollars. What makes this particular cover innovative is the four-point mounting system, which provides elastic strap support for all four corners of your Kindle without interfering with readability. Many customers on Amazon not only gave the product the full five star treatment, but also raved about the Marware Atlas Kindle cover’s outer durability and inner practicability. One pleased customer noted that this cover was ideal because, as she carries her Kindle everywhere with her, the interior strap affords space for her credit cards and miscellaneous paper work.

This is just one of many Kindle covers from Marware. You can check out more here.

Keep Your Fire Safe With KlearKase

klearkase kindle fireIn the past, we have reviewed some cool KlearKase cases and covers in our waterproof Kindle cover post, which you can find here. Now, the company has taken their Kindle protection to the next level with a Kindle Fire case as well!

I am a fan of the Klearkase products because they are hardcore. Seriously. They are literally constructed out of some of the same stuff they use in F-22 planes, meaning they should definitely be able to handle you dropping your Fire on the kitchen counter!

The other thing I like about them is that they are, as their name aptly suggests, clear. You may not even notice that it is there unless you look closer. There is no real advantage there that I know of; it is just kind of cool!

Finally, it is waterproof. I know some folks who use their Kindles at the beach, at the pool, and even in the bathtub. However, even if you don’t do that, you may still need to keep from spilling that cup of coffee or water on it while you are reading!

Interested? You can check it out on Amazon (along with all the reviews) here!

Kindle Skins From Amazon

decalgirl kindle fire skinsWhere better source to purchase your Kindle Skins than the tablet’s creator, right? Amazon features a comprehensive selection of skins and covers for your Kindle. An example would be the Decal Girl Kindle Fire Skin Winter Sparkle design. The product is certified specifically designed for Kindle tablets. It has specialized non-glare satin furbish and robust adhesive stickers that are simple to apply to the rear and front of the tablet.

The stickers can be removed easily and without any marks and remains that could affect your Kindle’s cosmetics. For a low cost $20, you can give your Kindle ample protection from scratches and damages while being able to boast your tablet to your friends and colleagues for its whimsical style. Decal Girl designs and distributes skins for all Kindle versions, from the Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX and Kindle 4.

Other artistic and one-of-a-kind Kindle Skins from Decal Girl include the Library, Moon Tree, Abolisher, Swimming Dolphins, Owls Family, etc. All products from Decal Girl sported in Amazon’s catalog are rated four to five stars, and each skin costs no more than $20, which is a good price to pay for an item of this functional and aesthetic value. Another great source of skins for Kindle tablets that boast artwork is GelaSkins. You can order your own design or choose from a plethora of skin designs made by experienced artists.

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How to Make a Kindle Cover

If you are the lucky owner of a Kindle but you would rather make your own unique cover than buy one then this book is for you.

When I first bought my Kindle there weren't many covers to choose from other than Amazon's Leather book-style case. The problem was that I wanted an envelope style cover, one that would protect my Kindle entirely so I didn't have to worry about other things in my bag – such as my keys – slipping inside a book-style case and scratching the screen. I solved the problem by making myself an envelope style case – and in this book I'll show you how you can make one too.
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The Complete 2012 User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle: Covers All Current Kindles Including the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, and Kindle

Finally, one user-friendly guide that covers every Kindle now on the market for 2012, including the Kindle Fire, in a single comprehensive volume chock full of tips, tricks, and links to unlock cool features, save you hundreds on Kindle content, and help you get the most out of your Kindle. Stephen Windwalker founded the popular Kindle Nation Daily community and has been helping Kindle owners get up to speed ever since his first Kindle guide was the #1 bestselling book in the entire Kindle store for 2008. Now he has teamed up with popular outdoors and travel author Bruce Grubbs to provide the most complete and up-to-date resource ever for Kindle owners.

Why a Kindle?
Which Kindle to Buy?
Covers, Lights, and Accessories
Reading Books and Periodicals
Searching Your Content and the Web
Using the Dictionary
Annotatiing Your Reading
Listening to Audiobooks
Listening to Music
Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Videos
Viewing Photos
Browsing the Web
Extending the Fire with Apps
Shopping in the Kindle Store
Using Voice Guide
Finding Free Books
Working with Personal Documents
Organizing Your Books
Lending Books
Registering Your Kindle
Moving to a New Kindle
Free Kindle Reading Apps
Kindle Cloud Reader
Managing E-Books with Calibre
Using Settings
Fixing Problems
How it Works – eInk
How it Works – Silk Browser
Publishing to the Kindle
Kindle Resources