Amazon Android Tablet Coming Soon?

While this is a Kindle review site, I could not help but take a few minutes away from our usual Kindle review agenda to talk about what is coming around the bend at Amazon, something that they may be considering selling as an alternative to the Kindle – an Amazon Android Tablet. It is almost certainly coming, and some have even suggested that might be a complete replacement! I certainly hope not, nor do I think that is the case.

The rumor going around is that an Amazon Android Tablet will be coming out sometime around the holidays in 2011. Amazon has not come out and said it outright, but they have not denied it, either. When asked about it, Amazon’s CEO said, and I quote, “Stay tuned.” That is pretty much an acknowledgement that it is on the way in the near future.

It makes sense when you think about it. First, Amazon moved into selling cell phones and cell phone service through Amazon Wireless, so they have the capacity to offer the wireless service for these devices. Second, the Amazon app sotre recently came out that offered a little more of a hint that they are big fans of the Android operating system. An Amaon Android Tablet is certainly likely on the way.

But what does this mean for the Kindle? There are rumors that this new tablet will have a way to switch the screen to some kind of black and white mode that is easier on the eyes than a regular tablet. However, I just don’t see this as beinga  replacement for the Kindle. Why?

1. The Kindle is doing too well on its own. Why would Amazon want to change that?
2. There is no way that an LED screen, no matter what mode it is in, will ever be able to compete with the readability and easy-on-the-eyes-edness (yes, I just made up a word. That’s how much I love the Kindle screen!) of the e-ink screen of the Kindle. Since this is a huge selling point, Amazon will not want to give that up.
3. Amazon already sells Android tablets, and they do not seem to hurt Kindle sales, so adding their own tablet to the market alongside the Kindle makes more sense than umping the Kindle altogether.

So, Kindle owners, don’t fret – I still think the Kindle will still be around and will thrive for a long time to come!

Kindle Review – Kindle Is For Girls?

Is the Kindle just for girls? An interesting study on the sales of the Kindle just came out, showing that women are about 63% more likely buy a Kindle than men! As a male who owns and loves a Kindle, I found this interesting and a bit unusual!

It should be noted, this same study revealed the trend that we have discussed for a while – that e-reader sales are up and continue to go up despite a poor economy. That means that both men and women both are using the Kindle more often these days, which is good news for the industry.

At any rate, I found it unusual to hear that the Kindle has so many more female users. I know that the demographic of this site is heavily female, so I guess I could have inferred it, but what is causing this gender discrepancy?

I think there are a couple of things that might be at work here -

1. It is more acceptable for women to walk around with a book to read to restaurants, public places, etc. People do not expect men to do the same, right or wrong. I also wonder if men are less comfortable carrying a Kindle around in public compared to women in general. If so, this might be keeping some men from making a purchase.
2. In our culture, other studies have shown that men read less than women overall. A recent study showed that women are 80% of the audience for fiction books, and yet another study showed that women read three times as many books in a lifetime than men do overall.

Now, those are just complete guesses on my part. I would have thought that men’s overall penchant for gadgets in our culture would have trumped the fact that less men read and would have made the numbers a little more even. The same study did show that more men have iPads than women, which would support that idea, but still, the numbers here are overwhelming!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Are you a male like me who owns a Kindle? I would especially like to hear from you what you think is causing this gender difference. Let us know in the comments!

Regardless what gender difference might exist, Kindle sales are still going up!

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Kindle vs. Nook

kindle review

So, you can guess where someone who owns a Kindle review site falls on the subject of Kindle vs. Nook! Here is my biased review on the subject. I will try to be as generous as possible to our friends at Barnes and Noble, however! Let me break down the differences between the two into four basic categories – screen, size, book selection, and price.


Kindle vs. Nook – The Screen


The Nook sometimes gets a lot of attention because it has a color screen vs. the black and white screen of the Kindle. And it’s true – it does have a color screen, and this screen plus the programming allows you to do a little more on the web with the Nook, which really is a nice feature.

However, the Kindle, of course, has the e-ink screen! This thing is so easy on your eyes, and is just like reading a regular book. You do not have to be concerned about glare, either. The Nook screen, on the other hand, strains your eyes like any computer screen does, plus it has that nasty glare.

Conclusion: The Nook has an advantage with the color screen, but who reads books in color? If you are a reader, the e-ink screen makes the Kindle superior in this category. Advantage – Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – The Size


The Kindle is about 6 inches tall, the Nook is about 7 inches tall, and the Kindle DX is about 9 inches tall. Personally, I like having as big a screen as possible, so I have the DX and love it. However, I can understand the desire for portability, so a 6 or 7 inch device would be easier to carry around. Of course, here, Amazon gives you a choice, whereas Barnes and Noble does not.

Conclusion: I guess it depends on personal preference here. Do you want a 6, 7, 0r 9 inch device? Advantage – Kindle (only because it gives you an option. Nook could be the winner here if you really like the 7 inch size device).


Nook vs. Kindle – Book Selection


Both devices claim to have the most books. Hmm. That makes things a bit confusing! They both claim they have over 2 million books, with over a million of those as free books. These days, if you want a book, it is probably on both. However, if you are more into independent reads, the Kindle may be for you. Lots of folks these days are self-publishing books to the Kindle, opening up a whole new set of authors you never had access to.

Conclusion: Both the Kindle and the Nook have lots of books and most popular books. However, the Kindle has that ever-popular self-publishing feature that cannot be ignored. Because of that, the Kindle wins this category as well. Advantage: Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – Price


This one is easy – the Nook is $249. The Kindle is $114. Of course the Kindle goes up to $379, but if getting an e-reader as cheaply as possible is your biggest concern, then the Kindle is obviously the right choice! Also, don’t forget that the more expensive Kindle have free 3G access as well. try to find that on any other device out there!

Conclusion: Again, this one is a no-brainer. Kindle is cheaper! Advantage: Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – Overall



Well, of course my Nook review vs. Kindle review finds the Kindle as the winner in all the above categories, and we didn’t even talk about everything! Consider the overall battery life – the Kindle can run for a month whereas the Nook can run for 8 hours.

At any rate, if you are a reader, I really do believe in the Kindle, and I believe that it beats out even a solid competitor like the Nook.

If I have you hooked or you want to know more – click here to go to Amazon and get the full scoop.


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Ad-Supported Kindle Is The Not Always The Best Selling

When the ad-supported Kindle came out, which is $25 cheaper than than non-ad Kindle, everyone doing a Kindle review expected that it would outsell all the rest. I even thought that would be the case. I mean, who doesn’t want to save 25 bucks? And the ads do not really seem to be that overly annoying or obtrusive to most, best I can tell. However, Kindle owners have surprised me, and the experts, once again!

When it comes to the wi-fi model, the ad supported version does sell better. In this case, saving $25 seems to be worth it to people who want to get the best bang for their buck.

However, here is what I did not expect – the non-ad 3G Kindle outsells the ad-supported 3G Kindle, even though buyers hav to pay the extra 25 dollars. Some have theorized, and it makes sense to me, that people who are buying the more expensive version already do not mind paying an extra $25 on the added cost to avoid the ads. In other words, they feel they can afford it, and were not going for the cheapest version to start with.

I guess we will see if this trend holds! I personally think the ad supported version is a very good idea, and it opens the door for more people out there to own Kindles, people who might not have taken the plunge otherwise. I know $25 is a lot for me to spend!

For those of you who have purchased the ad-supported version of the Kindle, I would love to hear your thoughts. Did you go back and forth on your decision, or have you regretted getting the ad-supported Kindle? Do you find the ads annoying, or are they just a part of your overall experience? Let us know in the comments!

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Kindle Sales Could Be 10 Percent of Amazon’s Revenue

The Kindle continues to grow in popularity, and Amazon is certainly reaping the benefits of their ever-popular e-reader! Check out these predictions for 2011 and 2012 -

It appears that the Kindle will represent at least 10% of Amazon’s overall revenue in 2012. Analysts expect that the overall percentage of sales in 2011 will be 8%. Quite an impressive number when you consider everything that Amazon sells (they do sell more than books, you know! Haha!).

Analysts have now upped the number of Kindles that they expect Amazon to sell as well. The prediction is that they will sell 17.5 million Kindles in 2011 and 26 million Kindle in 2012.

In addition, there are now more than 1 million books available at the Kindle store. Amazon sold 124 million books last year, and they are expected to more than double that and sell 314 million this year and then a whopping 752 million in 2012.( Imagine if they hit 1 billion in 2013!) Also, as we reported yesterday, Kindle just added two new authors to their Kindle Million Club, bringing the number of authors who have sold at least a million books in the Kindle store to 6.

With so many different companies and gadgets trying to compete with the Kindle, it just keeps growing in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down soon! Why do you think this is? Of course, I know all the reasons why I love mine, but I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment about it down below!

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Kindle Gifts For Father’s Day?

Kindle Review – Father’s Day is coming up in two weeks, and many of you may be scratching your head to figure out what to get. If your dad is like mine, he pretty much goes out and gets whatever he wants, and he does not talk much about anything else that he does not need. Sound familiar?

My dad is a reader, and he also likes gadgets. If your dad is like that, what better gift than a Kindle for Father’s Day! This can be a great for a few reasons -

  • The Kindle is easy on the eyes and does not have a lot of glare.
  • The Kindle is easy to use and navigate.
  • It offers you a chance to share books with one another (legally of course, don’t try to cheat Amazon).
  • The text can be re-sized if your dad has any trouble seeing.
  • It has lots of older, free books available. Maybe even some of his old favorites!
  • If your dad is retired and/or likes to travel, it is much easier to carry around than a stack of regular books.

You can bet that this is a Father’s Day gift that will definitely keep on giving! He can use it for years to come!

Kindle Accessories for Father’s Day

If your dad is ahead of the game and already has a Kindle, there are plenty of great accessories that might enhance his reading experience. Here are a few ideas -

  • Kindle Light – we recommend the Kandle, which you can read about at our review of this Kindle Light. It is an easy clip on light designed just for the Kindle that will make it easy for your dad to read the Kindle in low light or even darkness. (It actually reminds me of those lights that used to sell for the Game Boy back in the day. Remember those? Now I am dating myself!)
  • Waterproof Kindle Case – A cover is an absolute must for a Kindle, and even if your dad is not a klutz, we all drop things or spill things now and then. I personally recommend getting a waterproof case for your dad’s Kindle if you are thinking about getting them. Check out our review of those here!
  • Kindle Books – Know a book he has been wanting to read? You can actually buy books for a Kindle owner which they can redeem! All you have to do is put their email address in as the recipient, and they will be able to access the book.
  • Kindle Gift Cards – Don’t know what to get your dad, or you know he wants some books? Get him a Kindle gift card! These are a great way to let him pick out what he wants.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! I guarantee whether you get your dad his first Kindle or if you buy him some accessories for the Kindle he already owns, I know he will love it!

If you have any great Kindle Father’s Day gift ideas, please share by letting me know in the comments!

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Kindle Site Review –

While I spend most of my time on Kindle reading the latest books and my local newspaper, I do frequent the internet service on it as well. However, sometimes it is difficult to find sites that are easily viewable on the Kindle. Ever had that problem?

Now, a newer site – – solves that problem! They are compiling a list of all the sites that are Kindle friendly! They have them broken down into different categories, such as business, tech, reference, etc. Out of curiosity, I poked around on a few of the categories, and he already has quite an extensive list. If you are just planning to take a break from reading to check the news or poke around on the web, you will find plenty of choices here.

I spoke with Peter, the owner of the site, and he is quite committed to growing his site as an overall reference for folks who own a Kindle. If you know of sites that are Kindle-friendly, you can add to the list of sites that he is putting together by submitting sites to him to be added.

He also plans to use this site to help raise money for a cause he is very passionate about – eduction. He is from Romania, and he wants Romanian students to have access to Kindles in order to be able to read more English books and publications. You can help him by donating at the page. I am not sure how much he has raised so far, but I know he was trying to raise enough to at least buy Kindles for his own class!

So, if you have the time or are playing around online on your Kindle, check out AnySubjects!

Kindle Review On Facebook

Kindle Review on Facebook

Facebook has become so much more than a friendship network and this is evident in fan pages dedicated to products like Amazon’s Kindle. Establishing a network with people who own a common product has a wide range of perks and Kindle aficionados might want to think about taking advantage of these.

Who is on the page?

The fan page is populated by people who are interested in Kindle and use it to share their concerns and information with like-minded people.

How regular is fan activity?

The Kindle page has a daily stream of new posts from a broad array of people, ranging from those who have troubleshooting problems to those who are trying to advertise their books. Many people are hesitant to join fan pages because they often lead to dead-ends, but this is not the case on the Kindle page. The steady flow of new posts ensures that you stay up to date with new info regarding the handheld reader.

Follow the rules

The fan page has some rules and administrators are quite strict when it comes to enforcing these. The largest group of offenders is authors desperate to promote their e-books. There are very specific limits when it comes to promotional posting on the site. If you join the site, you should be wary of transgressing these rules to avoid being blocked. There are few things as annoying as promotional messages covering up helpful posts by people who actually want to interact.

Be on the lookout for giveaways

Every so often a member of the group will host a competition and giveaway a Kindle product. This is normally done to promote an e-book, but the prizes are real and many people have walked away with brand new Kindles.

Helping you find the right Kindle

The fan page features a host of reviews and articles aimed at assisting prospective Kindle owners to choose the product which is best suited to their needs. The comprehensive list of links to Kindle related topics is also very helpful if you have headaches choosing the product most compatible to you.

Helping current Kindle owners

The articles are not only limited to reviews and there are also various pieces which give advice to current Kindle owners. If the articles fail to provide answers to your pressing concerns then you can just post a question onto the wall and wait for a response. The community will undoubtedly respond to you within a few days at most.