Where To Get Kindle Books On The Cheap

free kindle ebooks

One of the best methods for getting Kindle books on the cheap, is via the Amazon Kindle Store. They have the biggest selection and many of the top selling books are under $9.99


There are other avenues as well for obtaining Kindle books cheaply, such as:

  • Project Gutenberg (which has a great selection of free ebooks)
  • Free Kindle Books.org (a simple site that has a nice guide on scoring free Kindle books) Included is a fantastic category list and in it is an impressive guide to FREE BIBLES you can download to your Kindle. A good resource, do check them out.
  • Feedbooks – another neat site which has a slew of free or cheap Kindle books. This one also allows publishing, in case you’re a budding author as well as an avid reader.

There really is NO shortage of free or low cost Kindle books. In fact, there are so many, you might not ever have to pay for a good book on your digital reader. Yes! the newest releases are hard to come by for free, but at $9.99 from the Amazon ebook store you can’t beat it. A good deal anyway you slice it.

Whether you’re looking for an autobiography, a sexy thriller or a classic work of art. Your book is a click away!


What was the last great free or low cost Kindle book you found? Please tell us below.

Beatrix Potter Books Available Via Kindle

Sometimes, two great ideas that are as diverse as chalk and cheese come together to give us the most amazing of experiences. One such idea is the Amazon Kindle. Its like a library that is portable and fits in your backpack. Amazon Kindle is the new book reading software device launched by Amazon heralding a new era for book lovers. Now you can carry as many books as you want without being saddled by the weight.

What’s an even more amazing idea is having all the books by your favorite author on such a platform. The name that comes to mind here is Beatrix Potter. If you’ve grown up following the adventures of Peter the Rabbit, and an you are an ardent fan of ‘The Pie and the Patty Pan‘ then buying an Amazon Kindle will be the best gift you can give to yourself.

Amazon Kindle offers the entire collection of Beatrix Potter books, illustrated as well as text versions. Some of the popular works of Beatrix Potter included in the Amazon Kindle series are:

  • Johnny Town-Mouse
  • Timmy Tiptoes
  • Flopsy Bunnies
  • Miss Moppet
  • Pipling Bland
  • Ginger and Pickles
  • Benjamin Bunny
  • Tom Kitten
  • Jeremy Fisher (to name just a few)

You can browse through the collection using keywords, tags, and table of contents. The Kindle interface is easy to navigate through and the screen easy on eyes. Great for kids, too! In fact, this is a growing segment within Kindle users.

So? What are you waiting for? Grab your copy…err…the entire Beatrix Potter collection in one go…today!

Kindle Outsold Everything Else On Amazon Christmas 2009

This Christmas on Amazon nothing sold more or better than the Kindle. The revolutionary wireless reading device outsold everything else, including the infamous iPod and iPhone.

That is no small feat, considering that the Amazon Kindle goes for two hundred and fifty dollars. Will 2010 be the year of the digital reader? I absolutely believe so, as when the much rumored and much anticipated Apple tablet debuts, it will bring worldwide attention to digital readers.  Even more so than the Kindle has already done. In 2010 expect to hear, see and read ALOT more on digital readers.

So it is not surprising to hear that Amazon sold its most Kindles ever this holiday season. And it will only continue.

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Have You Seen The Kindle Cake? Yes! An Actual Cake

The amusing guys and gals from Geek Sugar have put together the ULTIMATE sweet treat, a Kindle Cake.

This is an actual edible Kindle cake that was concocted by a member of the Geek Sugar blog and it’s dazzling. Makes me want to run out and grab a slice right, but hold on to your horses there bud. This awesome cake isn’t sold anywhere that I know of, it was simply a whim by its creator and now its gone, gone, gone.

But enjoy the pic, and check out the details as each nuance down to the keyboard is nailed.

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How To Replace The Battery On A Kindle 2

Whether you received the Amazon Kindle 2 as a gift this year or treated yourself to the wireless digital reader, at some point in the future you will want or need to replace the battery.

But how?

Great question and that is what we are here for. We will start by letting you know that on the Kindle 2 the battery is not replaceable (or more aptly put) it can’t be removed. For some unknown reason (some speculate to make it lighter) Amazon decided to keep the Kindle battery a thing of mystery.

However all is not lost, as you can depending on your circumstance, ask for a replacement KINDLE. The device itself.

As one would imagine, there are stipulations and they are as follows. You can request a replacement Kindle if:

  • the device is still under warranty
  • the device is not operable

So not entirely an easy replacement, but if you meet the requirements above you just might score a brand new Kindle. Be sure to check your warranty and give Amazon a call or send off an email support query.


You can bypass Amazon altogether and purchase a third-party battery made for the Kindle 2, such as the one sold on Amazon from BatteryBob.com. However this can null and void your warranty and if anything should happen to your beloved Kindle while you’re trying to DIY, you could be SOL.

Your call.