Kindle Singles Interviews – The New Book Format

Amazon announced this week that they were added “Kindle Singles Interviews” to their popular Kindle Singles repository, adding a whole new dimension to the short-form book offerings. In case you have never seen them, Kindle Singles are basically shorter than a typical book but longer than a typical article.

The firstin the Kindle Singles series is an interview from Israeli President Shimon Peres. President Barack Obama’s interview with David Blum, editor of Kindle Singles, is coming soon and is already getting a lot of attention (my guess – that was the point. Thy knew interviewing Obama would be controversial, whether you love or hate him. It will probably get all kinds of attention.)

Three New Kindle Fires Are Looming on The Digital Horizon

Word on the street has it that Amazon are working on three brand new Kindle Fire tablets, which are designed to replace the models available today. When we say “new models” these are actually just upgrades to the existing Kindle Fire hardware you’re already familiar with. So far it sounds like Amazon are going to opt for the same basic screen sizes, but with more performance and better quality displays thrown into the mix too.

Team Bezos has been working pretty hard to stir up more interest in the Fire, including recent moves like dropping the price of this e-reader while also bumping up the specs. Amazon seems pretty set on the idea of simply improving on the original concept of the Fire, instead of reinventing the wheel when it comes to e-reader design. Based on current trends it looks like the Kindle Fire will get a hardware upgrade roughly every 12-months, allowing Amazon to stay current with the demands of the market and their customers.

Early details indicate the standard Kindle will receive a resolution upgrade from 1024 x 600 to 1280 x 800, and the Fire HD will get an even bigger bump in resolution from 1280 x 800 to 1920 x 1200, making either of these new Kindles strong competition for both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy for example.

There’s still a big question mark over whether the hardware upgrades will include a newly designed case, but you’ll only have to wait until September 2013 to find out for certain.

Do you like the idea of upgraded Kindles being released each year? Leave a comment below to let the team at know what you think!

Amazon Coins – New Virtual Currency for the Amazon Appstore

Amazon plans to launch a new virtual currency for users to make purchases on the Amazon Appstore. Kindle users will be able to use Amazon coins to make purchases from their device. Users can be excited about the launch that is happening in May, because Amazon plans to give users free coins to use toward purchases. The Amazon coins can only be used to purchase Kindle apps, games and in-app items.

The hope of this launch is to bring more customers to the Amazon Appstore, and also to give developers another incentive for creating and adding apps to the Amazon Appstore. While the Kindle Fire has a decent selection of apps, Google and Apple still have nearly ten times as many apps. Amazon wants to continue growing the variety and availability of content within the Amazon appstore, and the Amazon coins is just one of the innovative ways they are working toward this goal.

Amazon Coins presents a great area for growth and an easy way to make in-app purchases, which is good for the user and developer alike. In-app purchases increase the profits of developers, allowing them to continue creating apps and expanding ones they’ve already created. Plus, by having an easy virtual currency to make in-app purchases, consumers can make their purchase with an easy transaction that doesn’t require pulling out their credit card all the time.

With Amazon’s forward thinking, there are other potential uses for Amazon Coins. For example, Amazon Coins could be used in conjunction with Kindle FreeTime, giving parents the ability to award kids some digital spending money, while still using the FreeTime system to keep their kids safe from content they don’t need to be viewing. This is just an idea of course, one that Amazon has not endorsed or released plans of using.

Amazon continues to grow the platform for the fantastic Kindle Fire, making it a great choice for individuals and families alike. Tablets are all the rage, and finding one that fits the needs of individuals and families can be difficult. Kindle Fire takes this difficulty out, and with Amazon bringing new and innovative features to the table all of the time, you just can’t go wrong when getting a Kindle Fire.

Self Published Kindle Books Top Amazon Best Sellers List

With the Kindle came a new format for publishing books, and many authors have taken advantage of this digital format. This has lead to much controversy between writers, publishers, and other gurus of the writing industry. It was thought at first that self-publishing books to Kindle would limit an author’s career, and limit the exposure and platform for marketing a book.

Those thoughts are being changed as many self published Kindle books are gaining popularity, and even rising to the top of the Amazon best seller list. As more books and authors are joining the self published ranks, these numbers are sure to increase. And while not all self-published books may reach the best sellers lists, there are authors finding this to be a viable source of income.

The biggest drawback for authors that choose to self publish their work to the Kindle is that they are responsible for building and maintaining their own platform and fan base. While building a platform and fan base is important for authors who choose more traditional forms of marketing, those authors often receive marketing support from their publishing house. Word of mouth proves to be an invaluable asset to marketing for authors no matter how they choose to publish their work, however. As we all know, when someone reads a book they love, they share the title with their friends and encourage the reader base to grow.

The perks of self-publishing aren’t limited to just the author, but readers are reaping the benefits as well. The amount of books available for entertainment and learning is growing daily, and many self-published titles are available at a lower price than traditionally published books. This allows a reader to fill their library with countless titles for a fraction of the cost. For readers that aren’t concerned with big name publishers, or even best sellers, some of these obscure finds or lesser known titles prove to be a great literary adventure.

Along with the cost savings, there are a huge variety of self-published titles available. Plus, purchasing self-published Kindle books is like “shopping small” – you know, like shopping at a local shop as opposed to a gigantic retailer. These titles may, in fact, be supporting an author and his or her family.

Kindle Fire – The Tablet for Families and Kids

One of the best things Amazon did with the Kindle Fire is consider the family. Family is the cornerstone of most of our daily lives. We want our homes, activities, electronics, restaurants and more to be family friendly, because spending time with family is what really matters.


The geniuses behind Amazon, and the Kindle Fire, recognized how important family is, and created a phenomenally well-rounded tablet and Ereader combination just to meet the needs of families everywhere. Not only can Mom and Dad stream the content, read the books, and play the games they want, but now they can keep Junior safe while he/she uses the device as well.


Kindle FreeTime allows parents to set screen time limits that give kids time for games, apps, and books. If Junior should be spending 45 minutes reading, but only 15 minutes on games or apps, all Mom or Dad has to do is set up his or her profile, and define these time limits. This makes it much easier to monitor how the kids are using the Kindle Fire. Plus, parents can set up profiles for up to 6 kids, so each child can have his or her own profile.


Time limits are not the only thing parents want to monitor. The Internet opens the door for kids to access content that may be questionable, and parents are forever trying to find ways to protect their kids while they are learning what is right and wrong. Kindle FreeTime allows parents to set restrictions for content, so they can protect their kids from those questionable sites we all want our kids avoiding.


In my opinion, the Amazon Kindle Fire should be the top choice for families looking for a tablet. The amount of content available is fantastic, and the control that parents have is just right. By keeping families in mind, the makers of the Kindle Fire have created a family friendly tablet and eReader combination that is at the top of my list this holiday season.

Kindle Lawsuit Settled

With the recent lawsuit between major e-book publishers and the government, Kindle owners will most likely see a reduction in the price of many e-books. Amazon announced that when the settlement is finalized (expected to happen in February 2013) many of their customers would receive a credit on already purchased e-books. Amazon is committed to bringing you the latest content, and the greatest devices, at affordable rates. Amazon was not part of this recent lawsuit, but the company acknowledges that this lawsuit and settlement are a big win for customers, as Amazon will be able to continue offering the same great content at lower prices.

More to come on this soon!

Kindle Paperwhite Has Overwhelming Demand!

It looks like even Amazon didn’t realize how many Kindle Paperwhite models would be flying out the door. Amazon recently let it’s customers know that, due to overwhelming demand, any orders of the Kindle Paperwhite will not ship until October 22! So, if you were thinking about getting one but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you might have to wait a bit before it shows up! (Check out our Kindle Paperwhite review.)

This is great news and it actually excites me. as much as I love the Kindle Fire and think most people are going to flock to a more typical tablet, I absolutely love reading on my Kindle. I still have my old school Kindle and still love the e-ink screen, and it looks like this type of e-reader is not going anywhere anytime soon!

By the way, if you are thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite, I would suggest doing it now, evn if you do have to wait. Demand for Kindles goes through the roof around the holidays, so those waiting times may just get worse, not better! Click here to check out the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon.


The Amazon Wendell – Too Funny!

Conan O’Brien announced this week that Amazon was launching a new, even cheaper Kindle – the Amazon Wendell! Haha! Check out the video below -