Kobo Vox vs Kindle Fire

Kobo Vox vs Kindle Fire – Who will win the newest ereader war?

Kindle Covers

Kobo has recently announced the launch of their Kobo Vox, which is going to compete head-to-head with the new Kindle Fire come the holiday system. It is, like the Fire, as much a tablet as it is an ebook reader, and is also based on Android. However, there are some major differences -


The Kindle Fire does not have access to the full Android Market. However, it does have access to all the Amazon Marketplace and all of the Amazon content, including the video on demand service and mp3 system (which has effectively replaced iTunes for me. I can’t tell you the last time I bought any music on iTunes. I buy everything on my cell phone through Amazon mp3).

So, if you really want the access to the full market, the Kindle Fire might not be your choice. However, I will say this – there are so many apps on the Amazon Marketplace, you won’t be missing much. Many of the popular apps are on both, and for me, having access to all the other Amazon stuff will make it worth it for me. If you want all the Amazon Marketplace apps like I do, go with the Kindle Fire instead.


The Kindle Fire has stouter hardware overall. The processor in the Fire is much faster than in the Vox. The Fire has a dual-core processor that screams, while the Vox has a bit slower processor at 800 megahertz. As far as storage goes, The Vox and the Fire both start with 8 gigs, but the Vox allows you to expand the storage with a memory card up to 40 gigs. Of course, you have unlimited storage with the Amazon Cloud storage on the Fire, so that’s pretty much a wash.


Both devices have about the same same screen at around 7 inches, and the are both color screens as well. On the Kobo you can read book in the epub format, and on the Kindle you can read all the books available on Amazon. Amazon clearly has the largest selection of books available!

The Verdict

Personally, and this should be no surprise since this is a Kindle blog, I am still all for the Kindle Fire over the Kobo Vox. All the access to the content on the Amazon platform makes it worth it to me, even though I don’t get the full Android Market. As I mentioned in my last post, Amazon is moving more and more toward an Apple-like experience for its users, and I want to be a part of that. However, if not having the Android Market is a no-go for you, the Vox might be a perfect fit.

Click here to learn more about the Kindle Fire

Click here to learn more about the Kobo Vox

Kindle Fire Covers

Kindle Fire Covers

Protecting That Brand New Device

So you bought the newest Kindle from Amazon, and now you need to keep it covered? While there isn’t a lot out there to base any reviews on quite yet. I have tried to pick a few that will fit and that come from good companies. Once we are able to actually get our hands on some, I will update this post as well, as I update the other threads on kindle covers.

In the meantime, here are a few Kindle Fire covers that look spectacular. You can see Amazon’s current full line of them here

1.splash SIGNATURE Folio Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle FIRE with Stand (BLACK) – Man is this case cool or what? It’s made out of leather, which I am a big fan of when it comes to covers. It also converts into a stand as well. It appears that they are running a special on it if you will go ahead and pre-order it before November 15th. They have it at $19.95 right now, which is most definitely a steal!

2. Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for Kindle Fire Cover – this cover is also a stand, and it appears to be a modification of their Galaxy Tab covers to fit the Kindle Fire. It is certified by Amazon as a “Made for Kindle” cover, and their previous covers are quite popular. I like the stand feature as well.

3. Verso Kindle Fire Cover, Prologue Antique – Tan – I love this one! This is unique among the Kindle Fire covers, as it makes your site look like an old book. They have some other colors coming out as well. I picked this one for the picture because it was the coolest looking to me!

4. Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve – If you don’t really want an actual case or cover and want to just keep your Fire protected while you are carrying or storing it? This will do the trick! And it comes in a bunch of different colors as well -

5. Kindle Fire MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware – This is very similar to the above Microshell cover, except this one is made of polycarbonate similar to cell phone cases.

There are plenty of other Kindle Fire covers coming out as well, and I am sure we will see an absolute flood of them come November when the device is finally released, so we will make sure and keep this post updated with all the new ones!

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch Are Here!

Well, finally the dayKindle Fire we have all been waiting for is here! Amazon just announced the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch today!

Let’s break down all four new Kindle offerings and what it means for all of us.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is going to be an amazing device and something different from all the previous Kindles out there! Here are a few of the specs of the device -

  • 7 inch device
  • Android-based system
  • Access to Amazon app store
  • Color touchscreen
  • 14 ounces (about)
  • Free storage via Amazon Cloud Storage
  • Access to Kindle store and Amazon Video on Demand
  • Free month of Amazon Prime
  • 8GB Storage
  • WiFi only (no 3G for this model)

So far, I love what I see! You can pre-order now if you want to get one, and if you want it by Christmas, I would suggest buying one now!

For more details or to pre-order the Kindle Fire, click here!

Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G

The Kindle Touch is very similar to the current Kindle, except, of course, it has a touchscreen. There is the 3G and wifi model, with a $50 price difference between the two. Here are the specs -

  • 7 inch screen
  • 2 month battery life
  • Eink screen
  • faster page turns – one complaint about the current
  • All the other stuff your like about the current Kindle

For more details on the Kindle Touch, click here!

Original Kindle

Finally, there is the plain ole’ Kindle! Haha! It is now just $79 (with ads)! It is the same as the current unit, except it is lighter and faster. Find out more about that by clicking here!

You can also get the older versions of the Kindle, at least for  right now. They are calling it the “Kindle Keyboard.”

The only bad news I know of is that the Kindle DX appears to be getting phased out. There is no definitive information on that right now, but it is not listed in the other “new Kindle family” so I am assuming that is what is happening. I will let everyone know when I know more on that.

Refurbished Kindle – Now only $99!

Refurbished Kindle

Now Only $99!

The refurbished Kindle just saw a major price drop. Now you can get one for $99! Click here to check it out at Amazon! If you have been reading every Kindle review out there and still been on the fence about buying one, now is the time!

This is an interesting development, and leads me and many others to believe that the next iteration of the Kindle is very soon to come. Some folks razzed me last week because they said I was way behind posting the reasons to buy the Kindle 3, but I did so because I still get that question, so I thought I could break it down again. However, you guys who hit me up may have a point – the newest ones will probably be out very soon. However, now is a great time to get the older versions! Especially the refurbished Kindles!

I wouldn’t worry about it being used. Knowing Amazon and their reputation, they have worked to make sure they are working properly, and they are always good to help you in case they are not working right.

refurbished kindle

At $99, you can get a good deal, and you do not even have to get an ad-supported version while saving money. Many of the people I have discussed the ad-supported version with do not seem to mind it too much, but they consider it at least a bit of an annoyance. Skip out on that whole ad thing and get you a refurbished Kindle for an even lower price! Here’s that link again! -

Click here to check it out at Amazon!

Kindle vs. Nook

kindle review


So, you can guess where someone who owns a Kindle review site falls on the subject of Kindle vs. Nook! Here is my biased review on the subject. I will try to be as generous as possible to our friends at Barnes and Noble, however! Let me break down the differences between the two into four basic categories – screen, size, book selection, and price.


Kindle vs. Nook – The Screen


The Nook sometimes gets a lot of attention because it has a color screen vs. the black and white screen of the Kindle. And it’s true – it does have a color screen, and this screen plus the programming allows you to do a little more on the web with the Nook, which really is a nice feature.

However, the Kindle, of course, has the e-ink screen! This thing is so easy on your eyes, and is just like reading a regular book. You do not have to be concerned about glare, either. The Nook screen, on the other hand, strains your eyes like any computer screen does, plus it has that nasty glare.

Conclusion: The Nook has an advantage with the color screen, but who reads books in color? If you are a reader, the e-ink screen makes the Kindle superior in this category. Advantage – Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – The Size


The Kindle is about 6 inches tall, the Nook is about 7 inches tall, and the Kindle DX is about 9 inches tall. Personally, I like having as big a screen as possible, so I have the DX and love it. However, I can understand the desire for portability, so a 6 or 7 inch device would be easier to carry around. Of course, here, Amazon gives you a choice, whereas Barnes and Noble does not.

Conclusion: I guess it depends on personal preference here. Do you want a 6, 7, 0r 9 inch device? Advantage – Kindle (only because it gives you an option. Nook could be the winner here if you really like the 7 inch size device).


Nook vs. Kindle – Book Selection


Both devices claim to have the most books. Hmm. That makes things a bit confusing! They both claim they have over 2 million books, with over a million of those as free books. These days, if you want a book, it is probably on both. However, if you are more into independent reads, the Kindle may be for you. Lots of folks these days are self-publishing books to the Kindle, opening up a whole new set of authors you never had access to.

Conclusion: Both the Kindle and the Nook have lots of books and most popular books. However, the Kindle has that ever-popular self-publishing feature that cannot be ignored. Because of that, the Kindle wins this category as well. Advantage: Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – Price


This one is easy – the Nook is $249. The Kindle is $114. Of course the Kindle goes up to $379, but if getting an e-reader as cheaply as possible is your biggest concern, then the Kindle is obviously the right choice! Also, don’t forget that the more expensive Kindle have free 3G access as well. try to find that on any other device out there!

Conclusion: Again, this one is a no-brainer. Kindle is cheaper! Advantage: Kindle.


Kindle vs. Nook – Overall




Well, of course my Nook review vs. Kindle review finds the Kindle as the winner in all the above categories, and we didn’t even talk about everything! Consider the overall battery life – the Kindle can run for a month whereas the Nook can run for 8 hours.

At any rate, if you are a reader, I really do believe in the Kindle, and I believe that it beats out even a solid competitor like the Nook.

If I have you hooked or you want to know more – click here to go to Amazon and get the full scoop.


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Need A Kindle Charger?

We’ve all been there. Maybe you stepped on the plug. Maybe you left it in your hotel room. In any case, that Kindle is about to die, and there is nothing you can do about it! Maybe you just need a way to charge your Kindle on the go. Here are some quick solutions to your charger problem -


1. Rapid Wall Charger – This charger works for all Kindles new and old. According to reviews, it even charges faster than the original! Comes in US and International versions.

2. Kindle Car Charger – Need to keep that Kindle charged on the go? Here is a great way to charge it while on your way to the beach.

3. Kindle Essential Kit – Want to get the whole package? This includes a wall and car charger, and saves you money on both.

4. Solar Power Boost! – Why not unplug altogether? This is such a cool device. Just sit it in the sun and let it charge your Kindle.

Anyone else have experiences with these products or know about a better one? How about a crazy story about how you broke/lost your Kindle charger? We would love to hear it! Leave us a comment below!

Top 7 Kindle DX Covers and Cases

Kindle DX Covers

Edit: This Kindle review post is now continually edited in 2012 for the best selection!

The Kindle DX with its 9.7 inch screen requires a bigger case or cover, than the original 6 inch Kindle. So we thought we would look around Amazon and showcase the top seven Kindle DX covers and cases for new owners. Enjoy!

1. Cole Haan Pebble Grain Leather DX Sleeve – here’s a casual but sexy looking sleeve for your Kindle DX digital reader. It comes from accessory maker Timbuk2 and features a leather exterior and a goatsuede interior. This nice slim sleeve will keep your device protected in style. AAA+

2. Kindle Leather Lighted Cover – Need a Kindle light and a cover? Look no farther than the Kindle lighted cover! Comes in all kinds of colors.

3. Kindle DX Leather Cover -Like to keep it simple? Go with the simplicity of the Kindle Leather cover. It is branded for the Kindle and has the Kindle label on it, which is kind of cool!

4. M-Edge Executive Leather Case – cool sleeve from M-Edge. This set of Kindle DX covers make your Kindle look more like an executive journal or planner than a Kindle! (This one is out of stock, so I linked so a very similar one for now.)

5. M-Edge Platform Synthetic Leather Kindle DX Jacket (Fits 9.7 – this faux leather case from M-edge is stylish and sleek. It’s called a jacket because it keeps your DX protected while it’s encased between two flaps, and is one great looking cover. (Quick update – this Kindle cover is no longer available, so I have linked to a very similar model).

red synthetic leather kindle dx case

6. Amazon Kindle DX Hard Shell SLEEVE CASE Cover Pouch Carrying Bag with Extra Accessories Pocket – this is an inexpensive but solid hard shell case from Kroo. It has velcro straps inside to securely hold your digital reader from falling out when the case is opened, and an extra pouch pocket on the outside to hold extra accessories. Available via Amazon at less than $20.

hard shell kindle dx case from kroo

7. Waterproof Kindle DX Covers – do have a look at our article on the top five Kindle waterproof covers and cases. From OCTO to Trendy Digital, we have you covered for the beach, pool or gym. There’s two which are tailor made for your DX.

kindle dx waterproof cover

Hope you found some Kindle DX covers that you like! Thanks for coming by! If you liked our Kindle reviews, do us a favor and share it by giving us a Like or a Tweet!

Top 5 Kindle Waterproof Covers

Edit: This post is continually updated with the best selection!

Kindle Waterproof Covers And Waterproof Cases

Looking to take your Kindle to the beach, gym or poolside? You will most definitely need a one of these awesome Kindle waterproof covers to take along. See our top picks below.

1. TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle, Purple Border – many Kindle owners swear by this cover, as the preferred choice for waterproof protection. It will work on either the Kindle 1 or Kindle 2 and features a UV material which cannot be broken down or discolored by sunlight and is fully operational through the cover.

trendy digital kindle waterproof case

2. KlearKase for Kindle – crystal clear, completely sealed, hard case – when it comes to Kindle waterproof covers, this is one cool raincoat for your Kindle device. It’s a totally clear hard case, so its almost as if its not even there! It says it is for Kindle 2, but it works for all models! (Quick update – this Kindle waterproof case is no longer available, so I linked to one that is almost exactly the same).


3. Kwik Tek Dry Pak Multi-Purpose Case (Clear 9-Inch x 12-Inch) – This is touted as the premier multi-tasking water-free cover for when you go camping, hiking, paddling or boating. It fits several digital readers, including the Kindle and features heady-duty vinyl with air tight construction.

kwik tek dry pak kindle waterproof case

4. E-volve Aquatic Pocket Pouch – All purpose Waterproof case (Size: L) compatible with (Amazon Kindle global wireless international / iLiad / Bookeen / cybook / Cooler / Sony reader) – cool Kindle waterproof case from E-volve for your Kindle. Three air tight seals and snap buttons make this cover a great choice for any water activity you plan to be in or near. Also compatible with other ebook readers such as the Sony Reader or Nook, and comes with an adjustable anti-twist, tangle-free cord. It is one of the best waterproof Kindle covers on the market

evolve aquatic pouch for kindle

5. M-Edge Leisure Kindle Jacket – this one is the newest of the bunch and features a Lycra right side panel for easy access to your device, a large outer pocket for extra storage space and is made from durable ripstop nylon. Great for active lifestyles!

m edge kindle waterproof cover and case

Hope you enjoyed our round up of Kindle waterproof covers. Have fun water side!