Amazon Coins – New Virtual Currency for the Amazon Appstore

Amazon plans to launch a new virtual currency for users to make purchases on the Amazon Appstore. Kindle users will be able to use Amazon coins to make purchases from their device. Users can be excited about the launch that is happening in May, because Amazon plans to give users free coins to use toward purchases. The Amazon coins can only be used to purchase Kindle apps, games and in-app items.

The hope of this launch is to bring more customers to the Amazon Appstore, and also to give developers another incentive for creating and adding apps to the Amazon Appstore. While the Kindle Fire has a decent selection of apps, Google and Apple still have nearly ten times as many apps. Amazon wants to continue growing the variety and availability of content within the Amazon appstore, and the Amazon coins is just one of the innovative ways they are working toward this goal.

Amazon Coins presents a great area for growth and an easy way to make in-app purchases, which is good for the user and developer alike. In-app purchases increase the profits of developers, allowing them to continue creating apps and expanding ones they’ve already created. Plus, by having an easy virtual currency to make in-app purchases, consumers can make their purchase with an easy transaction that doesn’t require pulling out their credit card all the time.

With Amazon’s forward thinking, there are other potential uses for Amazon Coins. For example, Amazon Coins could be used in conjunction with Kindle FreeTime, giving parents the ability to award kids some digital spending money, while still using the FreeTime system to keep their kids safe from content they don’t need to be viewing. This is just an idea of course, one that Amazon has not endorsed or released plans of using.

Amazon continues to grow the platform for the fantastic Kindle Fire, making it a great choice for individuals and families alike. Tablets are all the rage, and finding one that fits the needs of individuals and families can be difficult. Kindle Fire takes this difficulty out, and with Amazon bringing new and innovative features to the table all of the time, you just can’t go wrong when getting a Kindle Fire.

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