Self Published Kindle Books Top Amazon Best Sellers List

With the Kindle came a new format for publishing books, and many authors have taken advantage of this digital format. This has lead to much controversy between writers, publishers, and other gurus of the writing industry. It was thought at first that self-publishing books to Kindle would limit an author’s career, and limit the exposure and platform for marketing a book.

Those thoughts are being changed as many self published Kindle books are gaining popularity, and even rising to the top of the Amazon best seller list. As more books and authors are joining the self published ranks, these numbers are sure to increase. And while not all self-published books may reach the best sellers lists, there are authors finding this to be a viable source of income.

The biggest drawback for authors that choose to self publish their work to the Kindle is that they are responsible for building and maintaining their own platform and fan base. While building a platform and fan base is important for authors who choose more traditional forms of marketing, those authors often receive marketing support from their publishing house. Word of mouth proves to be an invaluable asset to marketing for authors no matter how they choose to publish their work, however. As we all know, when someone reads a book they love, they share the title with their friends and encourage the reader base to grow.

The perks of self-publishing aren’t limited to just the author, but readers are reaping the benefits as well. The amount of books available for entertainment and learning is growing daily, and many self-published titles are available at a lower price than traditionally published books. This allows a reader to fill their library with countless titles for a fraction of the cost. For readers that aren’t concerned with big name publishers, or even best sellers, some of these obscure finds or lesser known titles prove to be a great literary adventure.

Along with the cost savings, there are a huge variety of self-published titles available. Plus, purchasing self-published Kindle books is like “shopping small” – you know, like shopping at a local shop as opposed to a gigantic retailer. These titles may, in fact, be supporting an author and his or her family.

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