Top 4 Kindle Books for Government Workers

Public sector workers and government employees of all kinds face unique challenges in their line of work. Often, even as they labor to serve the public, they are resented by the very people they work to support. Working successfully in government requires skills in maneuvering through bureaucracies and entrenched systems that may differ greatly from private sector work. For the many dedicated and hard-working government employees out there, here are four great books available on Kindle to guide and inspire.

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1. Managing Your Government Career:

Success Strategies that Work, by Stewart Liff. The author has more than 30 years of experience in government work, and his advice throughout this book is based in that invaluable firsthand experience. Liff covers everything from how to get that first job to how to ascend through the ranks in the public sector. The scope of the book is broad enough to make it of interest to new workers and those still contemplating the possibilities of government work as well as more seasoned public employees.

2. The First 90 Days in Government:

Critical Success Strategies for New Public Managers at All Levels, by Peter H. Daly, Michael Watkins and Cate Reavis. There are many good books on management and leadership, but this one specifically looks at the public sector and how new managers can navigate in environments where they may be in a far higher-profile position than a typical business leader as well as being answerable to the entire population of a city, state or country, among other challenges. Daly, Watkins and Reavis identify a number of concrete, practical strategies that managers can use to ensure success.

3. Confessions of a Tax Collector:

One Man’s Tour of Duty Inside the IRS, by Richard Yancey. Twelve years after answering the mysterious ad that led to his employment with the Internal Revenue Service, Richard Yancey quit his job and sat down to write about his strange and varied experiences as a revenue agent. His book is engaging and funny, not at all the dry tome one might imagine emerging from a stint with the IRS. Many public sector workers are likely to laugh with recognition and sympathy at some of Yancey’s misadventures as an employee in one of the more disliked governmental institutions in the United States.

4. The Federalist Papers, by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay

For government workers in need of inspiration, this classic of American political science and history serves as a reminder of the foundation of this system of government and why it matters. Hamilton, Madison and Jay wrote these 85 articles over the course of nearly a year as part of an effort to encourage the ratifying of the Constitution. Today, it’s a look at the early ideas underpinning the first documents that defined the nation and serves as a reminder of the principles that continue to unite this country today.

All career fields have their high and low points, and government work is no exception. With these four books loaded on their Kindles, however, government workers can chart their careers, laugh at the mishaps inherent to public sector work and remind themselves of the noble roots of their profession.

Carl Fallon is a city administrator and guest author at Best MPA Programs and Degrees, a site which discusses the career opportunities available for those who pursue MPA degrees.