Kindle Singles Break The 2 Million Mark

When Amazon unveiled the Kindle Singles program last year, it was the first of it’s kind with absolutely no surety of success. However, one year and many titles later, they have now sold over 2 million copies and expect to do even better this year.

Kindle Singles are shorter than regular books but longer than your typical article – between 5000 and 30000 words – and, unlike the larger Kindle Direct Publishing program, go through an approval process before being published. Amazon gets about 50 submissions per week and only publishes three.

In addition, the Singles get a significant sales boost from the fact that they are promoted hard by the company. While Nook and Apple have tried similar programs – the Nook Snaps and Apple Quick Reads – they just haven’t taken off like the Singles have at this point.

I foresee Kindle Singles continuing to grow in the future, and I wouldn’t be surprised to the Amazon up the number of Singles they publish per week soon, given the overall success of the program.

You can read more about Kindle Singles here.

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