Securing Your Kindle Fire

If you have little ones around the house, then you know the importance of securing your electronic devices, the Kindle Fire included. Since the Fire has internet access and thousands of app choices, it does not take much for a small child who does not realize what they are doing to end up on a bad site somewhere.

Here is how you can avoid that as best as you possibly can. First, let’s secure your apps -

  • Go To “Apps” From The Home Screen
  • Go To The Settings And Choose “Parental Controls”
  • Set up a pin for purchasing apps.

This will ensure you don’t get any adult or generally questionable apps on your device. Now, of course, this doesn’t fix the problem of the internet on your Fire.  That’s where Mobicip comes in.

Mobicip is a content-filtering browser for the Kindle Fire and many other devices. It has a free and premium option, and either one should do the trick, although I recommend the Premium option, because of the added features, such as Youtube filtering and settings for specific users. You can get a free month trial on their site, and it is only a few bucks per month after that.

After securing your apps and adding Mobicip, you will be about as secure as you can possibly be. Something could still get through, but it is much less likely.

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