How to Make a Kindle Cover

If you are the lucky owner of a Kindle but you would rather make your own unique cover than buy one then this book is for you.

When I first bought my Kindle there weren't many covers to choose from other than Amazon's Leather book-style case. The problem was that I wanted an envelope style cover, one that would protect my Kindle entirely so I didn't have to worry about other things in my bag – such as my keys – slipping inside a book-style case and scratching the screen. I solved the problem by making myself an envelope style case – and in this book I'll show you how you can make one too.

I'll take you step-by-step through the instructions you need to follow to make your own Kindle case in less than an hour – and it won't cost a fortune either because you can use oddments of material that you already have at home. I made my first Kindle case using an old Tshirt!

These instructions aren't limited to the Kindle either. I've included the measurements for the four popular Kindles, but I've also included information on how I arrived at the measurements, so you can make a cover for your Nook, or your portable hard-drive or even your iPad!

Your friends will be so jealous they'll be wanting you to make them a Kindle cover too – they make perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

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