Kindle Fire Now Offers Parental Content Controls

Mobicip, an app company that focus on helping parents control what their kids see on the web, has now released an app for the Kindle Fire to help parents control what they see on the Fire. This is a great idea, and could be a great comfort to those of you out there who have small children. I can see the value of this, as just the other day a friend of mine was talking about their child grabbing a device of theirs (I think it was a smartphone), and ended up on a site watching a video they should not have been watching within a few minutes!

The way it works is the app is actually its own browser, and this is the browser that you would allow your kids to use. You can set the content settings to several different levels based on their age. Right now you can set it to elementary, middle school, high school. You can try it for free for now, as it is still in beta. On other devices it costs $4.99 for the app, so I would guess this would be how much it will cost when it comes out of beta.

There is the obvious workaround for your kids – they could just use another browser! However, Mobicip has that covered, too, as you can actually use the app to block other apps, such as browsers, video apps, etc.

Overall, I think this is a great product, and I am glad it is coming to the Kindle Fire.

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