Kindle Took More Than 1 to 2 Million Potential Apple Customers

The Kindle Fire was a huge hit this Christmas! It was a great holiday season for Amazon, with them pushing out millions of Kindle Fire units. However, it also hurt Apple, with Fire sales taking away from the iPad. The stories below discuss just that.

Kindle Fire cannibalized 1M to 2M iPad sales ‘at most’ this holiday
By Neil Hughes The launch of the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire had a detrimental effect on iPad sales for Apple, but the company is still expected to report record sales this quarter, a new report states. Investment research firm Morgan Keenan on Tuesday …

Kindle Fire may have cost Apple $1 billion or more in holiday iPad sales
Amazon’s new Kindle Fire was a hot item during the holiday shopping season, and one analyst believes the new Amazon tablet may have cost Apple well over $1 billion in holiday iPad sales. Morgan Keegan analyst Travis McCourt on Tuesday lowered his …

As you can see, the holiday season was still good for Apple, but Amazon certainly took away from their profits. Fortunately for both companies, however, it is not a zero sum game. With the increased popularity of tablets comes many new users, folks who haven’t had a tablet up until now. Tablets are becoming more and more ubiquitous, so the two companies (not to mention Android) are not necessarily always fighting for the same customers every time they come out with something new.

I really believe that 2012 will be the year of the tablet. People are moving away even from laptops in favor of these devices, and they continue to get better at what they are designed to do. The Kindle Fire will likely play a big role in bringing inexpensive tablets to the masses!

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