Amazon Now Selling over 1 Million Kindles Per Week

The economy may be down, but Amazon is doing just fine. Better than ever, in fact! They just reported that they are now selling over one million Kindles per week!

In addition, sales are growing each week. Now, of course, much of that has to do with the holidays; however, this is a great testament to the success of the device. The new Kindle Fire has not been without it’s detractors, however. Some Kindle reviews have been fairly poor, noting the smaller design and the lack of access to the full Android marketplace. However, almost every Kindle Fire review out there will tell you that it is a great tablet, and especially for the price.

Some people are even buying two Kindles since they are so cheap! They are purchasing the old style Kindle for reading and the Fire for other entertainment and computing needs. And since the devices are so inexpensive, this is totally doable!

You still have time to get a Kindle by the holidays if you order soon. Check them out at Amazon here.

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  • Jesper

    I have been visiting several sites to see if the Kindle Fire is worth buying, but I realized that with this price it doesn’t really matter. Most people can afford losing $200

  • Website Designer

    I Love love amazon…and not to mention the new KINDLE FREE BORROW PROGRAM
    download my book here for FREEEEEEEEEE :)

    Happy Holidays!