Kindle DX Sale – $120 Off This Week

If you are like me, you still love the size of the Kindle DX. While some have said that the 9.7 inch tablet is going away soon, it is still available, at least for now, and for a great price! It is $120 off for the next few days as long as their supply lasts at Amazon.

If you want a Kindle DX rather than a Kindle Fire, now is definitely the time to get it. They may well cancel them soon, and even if they don’t, I doubt the price on them will get any cheaper than they are right now. The DX is similar to the Kindle, with the e-ink screen, free 3G coverag, etc, he only difference being more storage and the larger screen.

Check Out The Kindle DX Sale Here, or watch the video review below first. It’s a bit dated, but still accurate -


Here Is The Link For That DX Sale Again

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