Kindle Fire Getting Voice Recognition?

It appears that Amazon intends to add voice recognition to their line of products in the very near future.

As you may have seen, Apple recently added Siri, the intuitive voice recognition software, into the the newest iPhone. It looks liek Amazon wants to get in the game with voice recognition as well, with the company’s recent acquisition of Yap. According to Mashable, Amazon tried to keep it a secret by merging the company with one of its obscure subsidiaries known only as Dion Acquisitions. However, someone took notice that the address for the merged company was the same as Amazon’s corporate address.

Why would Amaozn want to add such a feature to the Kindle Fire? The first thing I can think of is the fact that they are continuing to try to compete directly with Appl and want to offer the same bells and whistles that they can. Also, I think voice recogntion could be a good selling point for the Kindle Fire, as it seems to be a big selling point for the new iPhone.

The bigger question will probably be functionality. Most of the other attempts out there at voice recognition have either filed or had at least questionable success. However, most accounts seem to show the current Siri setup as working quite well, at least anecdotally. I personally don’t think it would be something that I would use that much unless it could significantly reduce or simply the time for me to do a task on the Fire.

What do you think? Would you use this? Let us know if the comments below!

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  • Ncaronn

    whoever typed this needs spell check BIG TIME

  • BerryKreative

    put it this way… typing this on my kindle has taken me almost 5 mins. if  i had
     spoken this using voice recognition on my cell phone it would have taken me 10 seconds. im always amazdd at how accurate the androids vr is when using it instead of my keyboard.