5 Million Kindle Fire Units Expected to Sell This Year

Analysts have now seriously ramped up how much they expect the Kindle Fire to sell this year. Bigtime.

They now expect them to sell more than 5 million units in the first quarter alone!

This is great news for Amazon, obviously, and I think it reflects that people are really starting to come over to the “Amazon brand.” Amazon has begun to adopt an Apple-esque strategy, in that they are looking to brand their own Marketplace for apps, their own marketplace for books, their own marketplace for music, etc.

Soon, Amazon may have the type of cross-platform abilities that Apple has. They are missing a few elements, such as a smartphone, although they do sell them but they don’t have their own brand, but it seems to me that the Kindle Fire could easily be adapted to a phone operating system.

I know I personally love my Kindle in the way that some people love their iPads. Do you agree? Do you think people will be as excited about Amazon in the future (or maybe even now) as they are about Apple products?

I think it can happen – if they keep developing their platform. They may need their own computers as well to pull it off, and they will definitely need to break into the smartphone market.

And 5 million units of the Kindle Fire? I think they will do that easily, and they will probably beat it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to up that number before Christmas comes around.

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  • http://www.archoncad.co.nz jonathan

    I wish the Amazon services were available around the world. I’m not allowed to enjoy all the benefits of the Kindle Fire, but I am allowed to enjoy a Kindle (and the kindle books).