Amazon To Sell 2 Million Tablets in 2011

As you probably know by know, the big Amazon Kindle tablet is coming out, very, very soon! We can’t wait to get our hands on it. In the meantime, some of the heavy hitters in business are already making predictions about how many units they expect Amazon to sell.

The Wall Street Journal came out with their estimates this week, stating that they expect Amazon to sell 2 million of their new tablets before the ned of 2011. An impressive number when you consider that it may not even come out until November!

Of course, this is really just pure speculation on their part at this point. The actual number of sales will depend on a plethora of factors, the main one being how well the new tablet is received by current and future Kindle users. If you read our review, you know we are excited, but also somewhat skeptical of what is coming. I really hope it is well received!

Personally, I think you are going to see two camps when it comes to the Kindle when this comes out – the folks who like it just as it is, with the e-ink screen and without all the other apps, mostly made up of people like me that use the Kindle exclusively for reading and have no need for anything else, and the folks who want to have the full Amazon experience that will come with the new tablet. As we have discussed, these new tablets will be sold alongside the current version of the Kindle.

Amazon is expected to sell more than 21 million total Kindles before the end of the year, a huge jump from last year, with most of those obviously being the current models. Next year, Amazon plans to unveil a 10 inch Kindle tablet, and the 7 inch version should go live in the next few weeks.

Are you considering buying the new model? Or will you be sticking with the current Kindle? Let us know in the comments!

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    I might be tempted to get the Kindle tablet as a replacement for my ipad, not my Kindle. I made the mistake of getting the Ipad from Verizon with the “egg” that it needs to be connected. It’s a total bummer and I’ve rarely used it. With the inclusion of an Amazon Prime membership that makes the Amazon Kindle tablet very well priced in my world.