Kindle Singles Review

The digital world is teaching us that the limitations of print are no longer applicable. Print has always been reliant on the exact word count of a piece of literature; a magazine article should be short and a novel should be longer. A void between these two literary arenas emerged that was difficult to fill, but Kindle Singles offers a viable solution.

Kindle Singles is a recently launched section on the Amazon website which now makes it possible for shorter literary pieces to be published. This addition has been particularly relevant to longer pieces of non-fiction which sometimes need further exploration than what is possible in the length of a regular magazine article.

Amazon’s new offer is, however, not only relevant to long-form journalism, but also in the novella genre. Shorter fictional pieces have always been difficult to publish, but Amazon has presented a platform which can potentially allow for this genre to flourish.

Many people enjoy their information in bite sizes, but there are also many who want to get stuck into something a little more substantial during lunch or before bed at night. Kindle Singles will provide the mid-range information junky with his or her fix for a few hours.

Singles have already become so popular that many of the copies are featured on the top lists of Kindle sales. If you are planning to buy a full length novel, then you should always ensure that you aren’t purchasing an 80 page novella because Kindle Singles might become as readily available as their longer counterparts.

Kindle Singles when combined with the Kindle Direct Publishing section means that people who don’t have the endurance to write a full novel will now be able to try their hand at these shorter versions. Amateur authors have the opportunity to publish their work and earn a royalty if any sales are made.

The influx of self-published works could result in the exposure of some fascinating works, but it could also inundate the website with some examples of derivative drivel. Even if this occurs, it will not deter people from perusing the well-organized Amazon catalogs in search of a shorter piece that could provide some interesting leisurely reading.

Amazon has managed to resurrect an area of writing that the internet had almost done away with. Literary segments on the internet have been shortened to meet the demand of efficiency, but Amazon realized that some people still enjoy reading and exploring a topic further than through the limited scope of a top ten list. Long-form journalism has benefited from a second chance and the production of enough quality work will ensure the continued prevalence of the mid-range literary genre for years to come.

  • Sam Jones

    I have a series of short stories that I’m trying to sell on Amazon’s Kindle site, and I was wondering if I sent you the free Word version of them, if you might be willing to read them, and then give me a shout out on Kindle Owner’s Blog…

    Product Description
    “Five Good Short Stories” is a series of Kindle e-books, each with five fictional stories about people and their ways. Each story is unique and quite different from the rest and each can be read in one sitting.

    The short stories in this series run the gamut from humorous, to surprising, to deeply pensive. Some might make you laugh, others cry; but all of them will touch you in ways you might not expect.


  • admin

    Hey Sam, I would love to. I will get in touch with you!

  • Connor Dix

    I have a short story available on the Kindle. Wonder if it’s part of this “Kindle Singles” thing.

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