Why Get A Kindle 3G?

Kindle 3G

“Why should I get a Kindle 3G?” This is probably the question that I get asked most often by my family and friends who know that I run a Kindle review website. They are usually looking to buy a Kindle, and many times they want to go with the wireless version instead of the Kindle 3G because it is cheaper, but they want to make sure they are getting the best deal.

If that is you, maybe we can help you make your decision. For many people, the Kindle wireless version will be sufficient. For others, like me, you may want to pony up the extra cash to get the convenience of a Kindle 3G.

Below are the main advantages and disadvantages that a Kindle 3G offers you. By using this as sort of a checklist, you should be able to decide which one is right for you –

Coverage Just About Everywhere

With a Kindle 3G, you never have to worry about being hooked up to a wifi network somewhere. You can buy and download books essentially anywhere that you would typically have a signal on your phone. The Kindle 3G offers this service free, something none of the other tablets out there have.

No Hassles Getting Connected

While the Kindle wireless is not difficult to hook up via a wireless network, it is easier not to have to mess with it. If you have a Kindle 3G, you can simply turn on your device and it will connect on its own. No worries about having to put in a password for a wifi network.

Kindle 3G Battery Life

One disadvantage of the Kindle 3G is the fact that being connected to the 3G network uses up battery life much more quickly. However, the easy solution to that is simply turning off the 3G connection when you are not downloading anything, which only takes a few minutes to do.


The Kindle 3G does cost a bit more than the Kindle wireless. Right now, the difference between a Kindle 3G and Kindle wireless is about $50.


For me, the Kindle 3G was worth the extra money (as was the Kindle DX for the bigger screen), however, if you do not plan to use your Kindle anywhere but at your home, and you already have a wifi connection, saving that $50 and getting the Kindle wireless instead of the Kindle 3G may make more sense for you.

If you want to know more, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full comparison from Amazon.

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  • Neal Dench

    As a new Kindle owner (as of Christmas) I couldn’t agree more. I had asked for a Kindle for Christmas, but specifically asked for the Wi-fi version, mindful of money and not expecting to take it out of the house much. My generous wife got me the 3G version, and I was also given a cover by another family member, meaning that I can bring it with me to work every day to read on the bus. Having the always available network access is absolutely brilliant, and I actually take advantage of it a couple of times a week at least. Well worth it, especially for downloading sample chapters ad hoc for reading on the bus.

  • http://kindleowners.com admin

    Same here Neal. I ended up using mine away from home much more than I ever expected! Maybe not right for everybody, but definitely for people like you and I.

  • Fimen Serious

    hi, i want to buy a kindle 3G, but i still have a question: Can i use kindle 3G to read blogs? and is it free?

  • http://kindleowners.com admin

    Yes you can. You can use the browser to do so, or you can subscribe to some blogs in Kindle format for a small charge. Or you can use several different programs to clip blog posts and read them in kindle format.

  • dachba

    For me, the biggest 3G advantage is that it turns my Kindle into a computer that can access the web wherever I get a phone signal. I suspect most Kindle owners don’t really understand the horsepower they carry around with them. It is not just a reading device.

    I check and write email on it, read the NYTimes and a local paper, check my archery website, play numerous games (33 at last count), and read several science blogs. All this while traveling in areas where I don’t have WiFi.

    I would also use it as a music player if it wasn’t so limited in that area.

  • http://kindleowners.com admin

    Hey Dachba, don’t you love how much it can do? I am with you on the music player, though. Would love to see improvements in that in newer versions.

  • dylan

    Most smartphones work as wifi hotspots. (free with rooting and jailbreaking). If you do plan to use your phone for wifi make sure to check compatibility with your phone. I would suggest using the internet for a resource not your local cell store. You can get all phones to work but some take more tinkering then others. I use android phones and it took minimal set up to get my kindle connected.

  • Richard

    Since no one has taken the other position (which happens to be mine) I shall present the reasons I think 3G is unnecessary for me and for others as well.
    You only need connectivity to wifi or 3G when shopping for titles and using other web-based operations. For reading, which is how I interpret a kindle, you only need battery power.
    If you need to shop for titles on a regular basis or do other things (other than read) then you have a need to be connected.
    I can download as many books as I want when in a wifi hot spot.
    Many more books than I can read until I next find myself in a wifi hotspot. What is the urgency to shop for new books?
    Have you read everything you’ve downloaded?
    Just my opinion.
    And yes, I do not have a computer.

  • http://www.anysubjects.com Peter Fogarty

    There is a really good reason for getting a 3G which you have not mentioned. I built the first ever Kindle portal website, called http://www.anysubjects.com. The website was designed to be viewed with a Kindle. I don’t know anyone else who did this. Every website I linked to has to be Kindle-friendly, i.e I don’t need to change the font or screen settings to see it.

    This site passed the test and was included.

    By using this site, with 3G, you can read the news as you come into work, you can create and follow Google maps and collect your emails as you move about.

    Please look at the site and tell me what you think of it.

  • http://kindleowners.com admin

    Hey Peter, I love your site! I will write a review on it sometime!

  • http://www.buyacheapcomputer.co.uk phil

    some very good points made here, i myself would proberbly use it at home the most but if you do need to connect outside then maybe the 3g is the way to go, but is it worth the extra $50 only you can decide