The Kindle Million Club Grows Along With Kindle Sales

The Kindle Million Club, the aptly-named group of authors who have sold over one million copies, added its third member on Thursday. Stieg Larsson, the writer of the Millenium trilogy, including the latest book of the series, “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest,” has now sold 1,170,539 Kindle versions of her books.

He joins Kindle Million Club authors James Patterson and Nora Roberts as the three authors who have gone over the 1 million mark in sales on the device. This is a huge accomplishment for Amazon and the ebook reader!

We expect that the Kindle Million Club will continue to grow as well. When you look at the numbers, it seems almost inevitable, especially if things continue to trend in that direction.

Look at it this way – Amazon sold 15 million copies of Kindle books in the last week of 2010, 10 million of which were paid versions of the books (thanks to Stephen Windwalker for the numbers). That’s not a typo – 15 million and 10 million paid books, in one week! Now, of course this was during the holidays, so there will obviously be more sales during that time, but it still impressive. In fact, it is estimated that 4 million Kindle books were downloaded on Christmas day alone.

Some estimates have the Kindle selling 10 million copies in 2011, which would be a big feat since there have been 12 million sold since the Kindle’s launch in 2007. This does not even count all of the downloads of the Kindle app on other devices. Amazon does not actually give out the sales figures on their device, so these are based on estimates, but I do believe them to be correct.

Many people who are Kindle lovers almost fear the other platforms, such as the Nook or Google’s new eBooks, but as someone who sells the Kindle and accessories, I welcome them. In fact, when the iPad came out, Kindle sales jumped almost immediately, as the added publicity of the Apple device actually brought more attention to the Kindle and to e-readers in general.

So, who will be the next Kindle Million Club author? Any thoughts out there? My guess – Tim Ferriss. He currently has two books on the New York Times bestseller list at positions 1 and 10, and many of his readers (which include myself) are tech savvy. It will not take long for his books to break that threshold soon.

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  • Katy

    Stieg Larsson was a man.

  • admin

    Katy, thank you for catching that! I fixed it above. Why was I thinking he was a woman? I don’t know!

  • K.L. McCrudden

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  • Natly

    I think Amazon is doing an incredible business with ebooks and that they will keep growing and growing more and more.

    Anyone who wants to publish a book these days should defenetly go to the Kindle Million Club to get seen on Amazon right away.

  • http://none Walter William Safar

    Dear Amazon Kindle future will reward you with immortality,becouse you’ve helped kids mother Art,unknown poets and writers.
    Amazon Kindle has done more for Art than all publishers together,I think in the last decade.
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  • Michelle

    There are probably a lot more members of the “kindle million club” now – as well as for the other devices like Nook. Yay for e-readers! They’re the only thing that’s going to be able to keep reading & writing alive for the future.

  • ctx81

    Michelle, so true! In fact, I just wrote another post a few days ago about how a recent study showed that ereaders seem to have increased the overall numbers of books sold.