Kindle Christmas Gifts Part 2

The completion of the first list of Kindle Christmas gifts only served as impetus to compile a second list, because there were so many items left unmentioned. We knew from the start that one list wouldn’t be enough! Here are a few more options for the Kindle user in your life -

1. Subscription to a magazine or newspaper

Kindle serves as an electronic reader and this is not limited to paperbacks or novels. You can also subscribe to periodicals and have them electronically delivered to a Kindle well before the paper copy hits the stands of the street vendor. If a loved one enjoys reading from the pages of Time Magazine or the New York Times then you can purchase a yearly subscription from the Kindle store for him or her. This is a very thoughtful gift, because it will save your loved one a frosty walk to the vendor on a winter’s morning.

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2. Kindle Carrier Case

Kindle offers a few carrier cases which can be sealed with a zipper. These are akin to the protective cases often used for religious texts. They look great and ensure that the Kindle remains out of harm’s way at all times. Nothing is more irritating than reading through a scratch that could have been avoided.

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3. Kindle Neoprene Covers

Neoprene is used for wetsuits and Kindle has started using this soft, but durable material to make covers. Neoprene covers are water resistant and serve as fantastic protectors against splashes of wine or cola. The soft texture will also protect the Kindle from damage in the likely event of an accidental drop.

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4. Car Chargers

Road and camping trips offer the opportunity to relax and catch up on reading, but the electronic age could potentially limit the amount of time that we can spend read. Kindle offers a solution to this limitation through car chargers. These affordable accessories will ensure that no matter where you are, you will be able to charge the Kindle and read as much as you want to.

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Can’t decide? As we mentioned in the first list, you can always get a Kindle gift card!

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