Need A Kindle Charger?

We’ve all been there. Maybe you stepped on the plug. Maybe you left it in your hotel room. In any case, that Kindle is about to die, and there is nothing you can do about it! Maybe you just need a way to charge your Kindle on the go. Here are some quick solutions to your charger problem -


1. Rapid Wall Charger – This charger works for all Kindles new and old. According to reviews, it even charges faster than the original! Comes in US and International versions.

2. Kindle Car Charger – Need to keep that Kindle charged on the go? Here is a great way to charge it while on your way to the beach.

3. Kindle Essential Kit – Want to get the whole package? This includes a wall and car charger, and saves you money on both.

4. Solar Power Boost! – Why not unplug altogether? This is such a cool device. Just sit it in the sun and let it charge your Kindle.

Anyone else have experiences with these products or know about a better one? How about a crazy story about how you broke/lost your Kindle charger? We would love to hear it! Leave us a comment below!

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  • Francesca Webb

    i have china made car chargers at home and they work well on my Honda Jazz”~”

  • http://none Dorna james

    After being introduced to kindle for the first time and being clueless about this wonderful tool, I got one for mother’s day a day afetr. Cool.

  • admin

    That’s great Dorna! I hope you love it! I know I love mine!