Kindle DX vs. iPad – 3 Key Differences

If you are in touch with modern technology at all, then you will have heard of the Apple iPad and the Kindle DX. Both of them have just been released and they are currently in a sort of war against each other, with each one claiming to be the best. However, they aren’t just for reading eBooks, they can do much more and believe it or not, they are both completely different products. Here are 3 key differences.

amazon kindle dx vs apple ipad

Black/White Vs. Color – This is one of the most noticeable differences as soon as you look at both of these devices. Apple have of course developed a product that is fantastic looking as they normally do and this means that their iPad device has a full color display with a backlit screen. The Kindle DX on the other hand has only a black and white screen. This means that the iPad is much better if you are looking for a device to surf the web and other things that require color, however, if you are looking for a simple, non-cluttered eBook reader, then the Kindle DX is probably the way to go.

The Price – Now, you may think that the price of these two products is quite similar, however, with the iPad there are a variety of different models to choose from, whereas with the Kindle DX, there is only one. This means that although the base models of the two products are around $500 each but for this price the kindle DX actually offers 3G connectivity where the iPad does not. If you want 3G on the iPad, then you will have to fork out another $130 at least.

EBook Reader Vs. Tablet PC – The Kindle DX is basically an eBook reader. This means that the product has been designed by Amazon mainly for readying eBooks; hence it’s black and white display. However, the iPad is much more than just an eBook reader and Apple have said that it is basically their take on a tablet PC. This means that with the iPad you can do much more, such as surf the web, watch movies and videos, listen to music, play games and of course read eBooks. So if you want to surf and do other tasks the iPad is for you, but if you’re looking for a distraction-free device for reading, have a look at the Kindle DX.

Overall, the differences between these two products are huge and it really depends on your exact needs which one you should opt for.

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  • Jimmy

    Finally a neutral view on both of these tablets.

    I just have to add that now there’s one new Kindle DX, it’s called Graphite, it’s nearly the same thing but they fixed the PDF zooms and it’s black, and they’ve new prices, 359 for the DX and 259 i think for the little kindle. Both tablets have cons, kindle is an slave of Amazon, you can buy from them and use only his type of e-book, PDF have a lot of problems too, also amazon can see all the things you have and delete it if they want.
    Ipad it’s worse than a notebook (it can’t run flashes for example, and it’s slower) and it’s bigger than an Iphone, so it’s objective is unknown for me, also your eyes burn after one hour of reading.

    I’m trying to be neutral, but i’ll say the truth, if you want a PC just buy a notebook, if you want to read and stop buying books buy a kindle, but don’t expect something beyond that.

  • admin

    Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with your assessment. I can see some great uses for the iPad, and I know people who have them and love them! However, it is just a different animal. Not an ereader, not a computer.

  • Madonnam

    Hello, I am enrollling in a course of study (Chartered Financial Analyst) that provides ebook versions in addition to its hard copy textbooks. Will I be able to transfer these to the Kindle DX Graphite for example? Or will any of the Kindle models have trouble accepting pdfs or ebooks from non Amazon sources? I don’t want to be caught with some pdfs will work and some won’t. Thanks!

  • admin

    Hi Madonna,

    I have never had any trouble reading pdf’s on my Kindle. As long as it is in pdf format, it will transfer. Best of luck on your course!

  • Shooshi


    I recently started a Masters course that requires shocking amounts of reading, some of which in textbook form, but most in pdf. To that end, I’ve been looking for an e-reader so I don’t have to print out 800 pages a week, or lug those pages with me should I be travelling.

    I’ve heard a kindle can handle pdf’s, but also heard it can’t.
    I’m looking for something which has high autonomy and also something to save my eyes, so an i-pad, although a tempting toy, is not for me.

    Will a kindle serve my needs? (as an e-reader which I can annotate on) And if so, which one? 6 inch, or dx?

  • admin

    Hello Shooshi,

    You can definitely read PDF’s on a Kindle; I do it all the time. Unfortunately, you cannot take notes on a PDF.

  • Samsung Flat Screen Tv

    The one factor I detest about the ipad is the fact that you can not see flash content. That is I beleive the tabs with Android working system are a good option… even when the Android working system drains your battery like crazy.