Top 7 Kindle DX Covers and Cases

Kindle DX Covers

Edit: This Kindle review post is now continually edited in 2012 for the best selection!

The Kindle DX with its 9.7 inch screen requires a bigger case or cover, than the original 6 inch Kindle. So we thought we would look around Amazon and showcase the top seven Kindle DX covers and cases for new owners. Enjoy!

1. Cole Haan Pebble Grain Leather DX Sleeve – here’s a casual but sexy looking sleeve for your Kindle DX digital reader. It comes from accessory maker Timbuk2 and features a leather exterior and a goatsuede interior. This nice slim sleeve will keep your device protected in style. AAA+

2. Kindle Leather Lighted Cover – Need a Kindle light and a cover? Look no farther than the Kindle lighted cover! Comes in all kinds of colors.

3. Kindle DX Leather Cover -Like to keep it simple? Go with the simplicity of the Kindle Leather cover. It is branded for the Kindle and has the Kindle label on it, which is kind of cool!

4. M-Edge Executive Leather Case – cool sleeve from M-Edge. This set of Kindle DX covers make your Kindle look more like an executive journal or planner than a Kindle! (This one is out of stock, so I linked so a very similar one for now.)

5. M-Edge Platform Synthetic Leather Kindle DX Jacket (Fits 9.7 – this faux leather case from M-edge is stylish and sleek. It’s called a jacket because it keeps your DX protected while it’s encased between two flaps, and is one great looking cover. (Quick update – this Kindle cover is no longer available, so I have linked to a very similar model).

red synthetic leather kindle dx case

6. Amazon Kindle DX Hard Shell SLEEVE CASE Cover Pouch Carrying Bag with Extra Accessories Pocket – this is an inexpensive but solid hard shell case from Kroo. It has velcro straps inside to securely hold your digital reader from falling out when the case is opened, and an extra pouch pocket on the outside to hold extra accessories. Available via Amazon at less than $20.

hard shell kindle dx case from kroo

7. Waterproof Kindle DX Covers – do have a look at our article on the top five Kindle waterproof covers and cases. From OCTO to Trendy Digital, we have you covered for the beach, pool or gym. There’s two which are tailor made for your DX.

kindle dx waterproof cover

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  • DDHarriman


    Hi have bought the Cover-Up Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover Case in and its really good, protects my DXG completely letting one have access to all buttons, joystick and plug-in accesses (sound and usb).

    It’s leather and puts almost no more weight on the reader.

    The seller sends everywhere in the world (I think).

    Best regards,

  • Jo Pearse

    If you are looking for Kindle Reading Lights I found a great one online and after going through all the reviews decided it was best value for money and had the best reviews. I found this website easy to use and helpful with info and alternatives. The price is good and light is powerful and robust. Thoughts welcome

  • Kindle

    @ Jo Pearse, this looks like a pretty good light. How is it powered? Does it take batteries or do you plug it into your kindle?