Top 5 Kindle Waterproof Covers

Edit: This post is continually updated with the best selection!

Kindle Waterproof Covers And Waterproof Cases

Looking to take your Kindle to the beach, gym or poolside? You will most definitely need a one of these awesome Kindle waterproof covers to take along. See our top picks below.

1. TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle, Purple Border – many Kindle owners swear by this cover, as the preferred choice for waterproof protection. It will work on either the Kindle 1 or Kindle 2 and features a UV material which cannot be broken down or discolored by sunlight and is fully operational through the cover.

trendy digital kindle waterproof case

2. KlearKase for Kindle – crystal clear, completely sealed, hard case – when it comes to Kindle waterproof covers, this is one cool raincoat for your Kindle device. It’s a totally clear hard case, so its almost as if its not even there! It says it is for Kindle 2, but it works for all models! (Quick update – this Kindle waterproof case is no longer available, so I linked to one that is almost exactly the same).


3. Kwik Tek Dry Pak Multi-Purpose Case (Clear 9-Inch x 12-Inch) – This is touted as the premier multi-tasking water-free cover for when you go camping, hiking, paddling or boating. It fits several digital readers, including the Kindle and features heady-duty vinyl with air tight construction.

kwik tek dry pak kindle waterproof case

4. E-volve Aquatic Pocket Pouch – All purpose Waterproof case (Size: L) compatible with (Amazon Kindle global wireless international / iLiad / Bookeen / cybook / Cooler / Sony reader) – cool Kindle waterproof case from E-volve for your Kindle. Three air tight seals and snap buttons make this cover a great choice for any water activity you plan to be in or near. Also compatible with other ebook readers such as the Sony Reader or Nook, and comes with an adjustable anti-twist, tangle-free cord. It is one of the best waterproof Kindle covers on the market

evolve aquatic pouch for kindle

5. M-Edge Leisure Kindle Jacket – this one is the newest of the bunch and features a Lycra right side panel for easy access to your device, a large outer pocket for extra storage space and is made from durable ripstop nylon. Great for active lifestyles!

m edge kindle waterproof cover and case

Hope you enjoyed our round up of Kindle waterproof covers. Have fun water side!

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  • Eric

    We have updated our list to include the new Kindle waterproof cover from M-edge, which came out this Spring.

  • UK Kindle Covers Sleeves

    To be honest I didn’t know waterproof cases even exist. I mean, I don’t see much sense in buying waterproof cover. But I’ll be happy to buy one listed by you to see how good are they in reality.

  • Kindle

    Thanks for your review on this product.

  • Johanna

    These all look really cool, but the #1 Kindle cover for me is a zip-top freezer bag. :) You can operate the buttons through it, and it is an airtight, waterproof protective barrier that also works to keep dog hair, toddlers’ sunscreen-covered thumbprints, sand, and other detritus of life from besmirching your Kindle. Low-tech solution, but it works for me. Also, should you happen to drop your Kindle in the pool, with a little air in the “case”, it’ll float, so you don’t have to swim down after it. ;-)

  • admin

    Hey Johanna, I have heard of people doing that! I did hear, though that it can cause a glare on the screen. Have you seen that happening?

  • pmilln

    I dropped my kindle in a river. (moral: dont fish and read) What steps can I take to see if it will work again. I’ve not tried to switch it on and it is v. gently warm on an aga. screen still has a picture. Any advice?

  • admin

    Hey pmillin, I know folks have gotten all of the moisture out of their Kindle by putting it in a sealed plastic bag full of uncooked rice for a few days. You might give it a try!

  • nike

    I use M-edge for my kindle 2 and I suggest trendy digital to my cousin for his kindle 3. Both of them are great for protect kindle from water.